Funeral & Cremation Payment Plans & Costs

Taking out a funeral plan is one of the most thoughtful and caring things you can do.

Funeral costs have risen over the years and further increases are likely so it makes sense to make financial pro vision. Funeral plans provide financial benefits too.

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We are a small team with over 40 years experience in the funeral industry.

Funeral Payment Plans With Newrest Funerals

The caring team at Newrest Funerals is available every day of the year to speak to about making funeral arrangements, either for yourself or for a recently departed family member or friend. Along with our expertise in organising suitable religious and secular services all over the country, we provide a number of helpful funeral payment plans. Designed to make the costs associated with modern funeral services more affordable, our payment plans mean you can pay for your chosen funeral arrangements in instalments. Whether you’d like to pay for your funeral in advance of your passing or want to spread the cost of a funeral service out so you can give your loved one the send-off they would have liked, we are here to help.

Pre-Payment Plans For Your Funeral

A pre-payment plan is designed to give people who want any type of funeral peace of mind. Many people prefer to plan their own funeral arrangements these days. Rather than leaving the organisation of your funeral to those you leave behind, making your own arrangements means being sure that you will obtain the sort of service you truly want. After all, if you leave it to others to arrange, then you may not end up with the type of funeral you’d have preferred. Maybe this is because they simply don’t know what your final wishes will be or perhaps they simply cannot afford all of the elements of the funeral service you’d have liked?

Therefore, whether you want an eco-friendly funeral, a graveside committal, a celebration of life service or a simple cremation with only a few mourners present, paying for it in advance means being able to enjoy complete peace of mind. Why leave it to chance when you can pay for your funeral in handy monthly instalments? Our plans won’t break the bank but they will mean you’re guaranteed the sort of service you really wanted.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Your Funeral Your Wishes
  • Protection Against Inflation
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Finance Plans For Your Funeral

If you are planning the funeral of someone you have recently lost, then it can be a very difficult time emotionally.

At Newrest Funerals, we’ll make it as easy as possible to make all of the important decisions about the funeral you’d like to arrange, whether it is a traditional service or something more modern in outlook. In addition, our compassionate professionals will guide you through the process of how to pay for the sort of funeral you would like.

Rather than compromising on the elements you’d like to be included at the funeral, our finance options make every kind of service within the reach of everyone.

Why compromise on the number of limousines or the type of hearse that will be hired, for example, when you can split the cost up with an affordable repayment plan? The same goes for the sort of venue you’d like to hire, the number of mourners you can invite to the wake and even the choice of officiant you’d like for the service itself.

  • Easily Affordable
  • Have The Funeral You Want
  • Easy Stress Free Process
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Why Choose a Newrest Funeral Payment Plan?

As a firm with 40 years in the funeral industry behind us, there’s no better place to turn for funeral payment plans than Newrest Funerals. Talk to us today about our cremational/burial payment plans with no obligation to proceed unless you want to.