Best Prepaid Funeral Plans & Costs

Taking out a prepaid funeral plan can be one of the most thoughtful and caring things you can do.

Funeral costs have risen over the years and further increases are likely so it makes sense to make financial pro vision and pay todays prices before they rise due to inflation.

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Pre-Payment Funeral Plans With Newrest Funerals

With over four decades of experience arranging funerals for people all over the country, Newrest Funerals offers a wide range of services in a caring and compassionate manner. One of our financial service offerings is a pre-payment plan that can be taken out at any time of your choosing. By doing so, you will be paying for your funeral in advance of your passing and be able to ensure you get the sort of service you would like when you pass on. For many people, it is one of the most caring things they can do in life. By not only planning their funeral in advance – but paying for it, as well – you will ensure that those you leave behind face no undue emotional or financial burden as a result of your death.

In other words, by making all of the funeral arrangements in advance, your loved ones will not have to make sometimes difficult decisions about what sort of service you’d have preferred. Equally, by settling all of the bills associated with your choice of funeral in advance – everything from the funeral directors to the chosen funeral venue can be paid for within your plan – you will not leave your family and friends in the unfortunate circumstance of having to find the funds to pay for everything. At Newrest Funerals, we offer professionally run pre-payment plans that you can trust. All those you leave behind will need to do is to contact us in the event of your death and we’ll take it from there.

The Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Among the many benefits of choosing a pre-payment funeral plan is that you will enjoy much greater peace of mind. As mentioned, you’ll know that you are not putting those you leave behind in any financial hardship because your funeral costs will already be covered. Equally, you will know that you will receive the sort of service you want without anyone cutting corners or removing elements you would have liked because they are trying to economise.

As well as enjoying a sense of assurance that you have taken care of your final arrangements, a pre-payment plan also means spreading the cost of your funeral up. This can be beneficial to all sorts of people but it is particularly worth noting how affordable our monthly payments can be if you are retired and have a fixed income from a pension, for example. Of course, it is also worth stating that funeral costs only tend to rise with time. Once your pre-payment plan has been settled, however, you won’t need to worry about these rising costs.

Why Choose Newrest Funerals For Your Pre-Payment Funeral Service Plan?

As a professional firm with a caring and dedicated team working in your best interests, there is no better company you could choose for a pre-paid funeral plan. We’ll guide you through the process of organising your funeral so you make an informed decision about what is important to you to include and what you can leave out. Our tailored service is designed to help everyone on an individual basis no matter what their beliefs and preferences might be.