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The emotional strain of saying goodbye to a cherished individual is frequently compounded by the mounting expenses linked to conventional funeral ceremonies, averaging about £4,800 in the UK. At Newrest Funerals, we stand firm in our belief that celebrating the memory of a treasured soul should not be overshadowed by financial concerns. Adhering to principles of respect, dignity, and affordability, we proudly offer our direct cremation services in Hampshire for a clear-cut fee of £895, free from concealed costs or unexpected add-ons.

Direct Cremation in Hampshire

Direct Cremation in Hampshire

Direct Cremation in Hampshire

Direct cremation emerges as a discreet and graceful means of parting, conducted without the customary assembly of mourners. Implemented at our chosen regional crematoria, we commit to ensuring your beloved is treated with the pinnacle of respect and care. This method grants families the flexibility to plan heartfelt memorial ceremonies at a later point, possibly focusing on the ritualistic dispersal or preservation of ashes.

Launching Your Customised Experience

The journey towards a direct cremation in Hampshire is streamlined through our online portal. A brief interactive process produces a transparent, commitment-free quote. Those desiring a more personal interaction can contact our caring team at 0800 111 4971, ever-ready to lend their support.

All-Inclusive £895 Package

Our comprehensive offering, pegged at £895, assures the collection of the departed from any hospital or mortuary across England or Wales, enabling their dignified transit to our regional crematoria. In situations demanding collections from private abodes or care homes, a supplementary charge of £250 is applied, emphasizing our team’s dedication to 24/7 accessibility.

With an emphasis on sustainability, Newrest Funerals furnishes eco-conscious wooden coffins, meticulously crafted by renowned British craftsmen. In our endeavour to maintain transparent communications, we intimate you about the planned cremation timing, offering a moment for personal contemplation. After the ceremony, the ashes can find tranquillity in our peaceful Garden of Remembrance or be handed over in a sustainable urn, accompanied by a personalised nameplate, available for a modest £91.




Creating Individualised Memorial Gatherings

While our direct cremation package excludes a conventional venue arrangement, it allows families the freedom to design a singular commemorative event at a future time, potentially on a date that holds sentimental value or during a chosen season.

Cost-Efficient, Yet Profound Farewells

Opting for direct cremation enables families to avoid the substantial costs typically linked to standard funeral practices, which often include venue bookings, floral setups, and catering. Our focal point is resolutely on the essentials, delivering a touching and cost-aware departure.

Embarking on the Next Chapter

Should the ethos of direct cremation align with your sentiments or if you have additional questions, our knowledgeable team eagerly awaits your communication. Engage with us at 0800 111 4971 or communicate at [email protected].

Journeying Through Grief in Hampshire

In these profoundly challenging intervals, it’s comforting to recognise that Hampshire houses an array of bereavement support networks, prepared to assist you as you traverse the accompanying emotional journey.

Reaching Out to Us

At Newrest Funerals, our commitment is unwavering as we help you through this significant rite of passage. Contact us at 0800 111 4971; we’re devoted to providing our support in these significant moments.