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Funeral Directors Lincolnshire

We offer our services throughout Lincolnshire and beyond.

Areas We Cover in Lincolnshire



As an experienced family firm, Newrest Funerals is ideally placed to help you to make funeral arrangements in Lincolnshire. We have assisted with funeral planning up and down the entire county which means that we have all of the localised knowledge that is often necessary to ensure your arrangements are put in place correctly. If you live in the county or want to arrange a Lincolnshire funeral for a friend or family member in the area, then Newrest Funeral’s friendly and professional team is ready to take your call. We’ll guide you through the entire process of arranging a funeral today including what you’ll need to book and which optional services you’ll be offered. Our approach helps to ensure you get the funeral in Lincolnshire you would like without wasting money on things you don’t necessarily want.

Equally, our service offering is open to people who would like to plan their own Lincolnshire funeral. Large numbers of people in the county now make their own arrangements including where they’d like the final resting place to be and what sort of music they’d like played at the funeral service. Why not talk to one of our dedicated team to see how we can help with making your own funeral plan which will be ready at the appropriate time. With one of our pre-payment plans, you can also get a significant amount of peace of mind, because you won’t be leaving funeral bills for others to settle after you’ve gone.

Handling All Kinds of Lincolnshire Funeral Services

There is a great deal of diversity among Lincolnshire funeral services these days. Although Church of England funerals are still popular, other Christian denominations, including Catholic graveside committal services, are frequently booked. As well as being able to help with a Christian burial or cremation, we can assist with other faith-based services. We deal with Hindu services, Islamic burials and Jewish funerals, too. In short, every belief and religion can be catered for when you turn to Newrest Funerals for a Lincolnshire funeral.

Many people like to consider all of their funeral options nowadays. For some, this might mean opting for what is known as a direct funeral. Often considered to be a low-cost option, this type of funeral deals with the deceased in a legal sense but no mourners will attend the service. Instead, you could book a memorial service or a celebration of life event for a few weeks or months later. These can be arranged in a way that suits you at a suitable venue. Many people now find them to be preferable to traditional funeral services but it is entirely a matter of personal choice.

Choosing Newrest Funerals For a Funeral in Lincolnshire

When planning a funeral for a Lincolnshire resident, there are many decisions to make. We’ll help you to make informed ones and guide you without judgement at every turn. Our professional approach will mean you get the sort of service you want without any unnecessary expenditure, too.