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Non-Religious Funeral Services

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We offer non-religious funeral services to meet your needs.


At Newrest Funerals, we can arrange funeral services of every kind for people of all faiths and none. This means that if you are planning a funeral that you would like to be devoid of any religious elements, we can provide you with the necessary guidance. Typically, we will arrange a non-religious service for someone who has died that had no particular religious affinity even though they may have held very deep personal beliefs. If you are looking for a non-religious service to honour the beliefs of a recently deceased loved one, then we can certainly help.

We are also able to help you plan your own non-religious funeral, too. Many people who are non-believers will worry that they will be given a funeral with certain religious trappings or even rites after they pass on. If you would like to ensure that this does not happen to you after you die, then turn to the dedicated team at Newrest Funerals. We will help you to make a plan that suits your beliefs and preferences and ensure it is carried out the way you have specified you’d like it.

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What Types of Atheist Funeral Services Are There?

Like Christian funerals or any religious funerals, no two non-religious services are exactly the same. Much of what will go on at the funeral service will be down to the individual who is being remembered. Some people opt for readings and even a eulogy – both features of many religious funeral services, of course – but others prefer to dispense with them. Bear in mind, too, that both cremations and burials can be arranged for a non-religious service depending on your preference. Even eco-friendly services are available if you want a secular funeral that also takes the environment into consideration.

Some people will ask for a humanist service for their non-religious funeral. This will usually mean the officiating person will be a member of a humanist society. These non-religious services run very much like religious ones but with the religious elements replaced with others. For example, folk or pop songs might be sung in place of hymns. There again, you may prefer an atheist funeral. These tend to have no element of spirituality included in them whatsoever. Nevertheless, whichever sort of non-religious service you’d like to book for yourself or a recently departed friend or family member, we will make the necessary arrangements.

Count on Newrest Funerals to Help Arrange a Atheist Service For You

We are open every day of the year at Newrest Funerals which means you can contact us at any time to help begin planning a non-religious funeral service for you. Just like our religious funeral arrangements, we cover everything so that all the elements you want to be included will feature while taking out anything that you’d prefer not to have. From the funeral cortège to the flowers and from the secular readings to the funeral venue, we will have it all covered. Our compassionate team is ready to take your call and start the process so why not contact us right now?