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Funeral Directors Oxfordshire

We offer our services throughout Oxfordshire and beyond.

With lines that are open at every hour of the day and night, Newrest Funerals is here to start making funeral plans in Oxfordshire whenever you are. Perhaps you have recently been bereaved and would like to appoint funeral directors in the county? Maybe you would like advice on which sort of service would be best for the sort of person you have lost? There are plenty of decisions to make when planning a funeral in Oxfordshire, so we will help you to make ones you are happy with. Our approach makes it easier to include the elements of a typical funeral service you’d like while opting out of ones that are less important. Our caring team will be with you at every stage to ensure you make informed decisions and don’t spend money needlessly.

As well as assisting with funeral plans for recently departed people, we offer pre-payment schemes for all of Oxfordshire’s inhabitants. Residents of the county from Witney to Wallingford and from Henley to Harwell often turn to us to help arrange their own funerals. By planning in advance, you can be sure you will obtain the funeral in Oxfordshire you truly want. Even better, by paying for your funeral before you pass on, you will know that those you leave behind won’t have to pick up the costs. We can even split the payments up into affordable instalments so you can spread the cost of your funeral out.

Religious and Non-Religious Ceremonies in Oxfordshire

Many of the funerals in Oxfordshire we organise for our clients are religious in some aspect or other. Christians may not always want a church service these days but they will often ask us to find a suitable minister to officiate at a funeral home or a crematorium. Whether you want a deeply religious service because the deceased was a person of faith or you’d like something with just a few hymns and Bible readings, we will help to make the necessary arrangements. Of course, Christian funerals in Oxfordshire are just one type of service you can opt for. We help to plan religious services for followers of all of the world’s major religions.

There again, secular services are just as common these days. Oxfordshire funerals can be completely atheist or have some dimension of more personal spirituality, as preferred. We also help people with eco-friendly services. These will often take place in a suitable venue with the right equipment to cremate properly but with a lower than usual carbon footprint. Alternatively, why not enquire with us about an ecological burial? Our expertise with arranging funerals of all kinds in Oxfordshire will be brought to bear so you get the right sort of service for you. If you’re looking for affordable funeral plans, we can also assist you in finding the right option for your needs.

Choose Newrest Funerals for Funeral Arrangements in Oxfordshire

At Newrest Funerals, we know that dealing with funeral arrangements can be tough, especially if you are in grief. That’s why we have a dedicated and caring team you can turn to who will understand what to do. We are open 365 days per year, so do not hesitate to call us whatever your request might be.