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Woodland Burial Services

Set in the peace and tranquillity of trees and wildflowers, a woodland burial provides a natural alternative to a traditional council-maintained cemetery. Here at Newrest Funerals, we handle a growing number of natural funerals. Given that the number of woodland burial sites is on the rise, there is likely to be somewhere to arrange a woodland burial close to your desired location. Call us today to find out more about woodland burials and how we can help to arrange one for you.

What is a Woodland Burial?

A woodland burial takes place at a burial site that is wooded. This means that the body of the deceased will be laid to rest in a very natural environment with saplings, mature trees and other naturally growing plants all around. Not only are woodland burials often chosen for their more natural environments but for their ecological credentials, too. The idea is that the body will be buried and then decompose swiftly, helping the soil to improve and promote new growth thereafter.

What Is a Woodland Burial Site?

Woodland burial sites are woods or forested areas that have been approved as burial sites. Some have indoor venues where services can be staged before the deceased is then buried outside. They differ in size and scope but they are increasingly common nowadays so there is likely to be one in your area.

What Happens at a Woodland Burial?

In some cases, a woodland burial will involve a traditional service that is held elsewhere before the body is conveyed to the burial site. In other cases, the burial site itself have facilities for hosting a service. There again, others run more like a graveside committal service and the mourners gather outside before the body is interred. Note that woodland burials of the cremated remains of the deceased can also be arranged, if wanted.

At Newrest Funerals, we can help you to organise a woodland burial along the lines you would most prefer with any order of service you would like. Once the body has been laid to rest, mourners will typically gather again elsewhere for a wake. However, this is a matter of personal choice and there are no set rules that you must follow.

Coffins and Woodland Burials

Because of the ecological nature of woodland burials, a biodegradable coffin or casket is used usually wicker, willow or cardboard coffins are the norm. These break down in the ground quicker than other types. In addition, mushroom suits can sometimes be requested. With this approach, the body of the deceased will be placed inside along with spores that will sprout, thereby helping the natural process of decomposition to occur more rapidly after burial.

What Is the Cost of a Typical Woodland Burial?

Because no headstones are allowed at the majority of woodland burial sites – sometimes, wood-carved markers are permitted – they tend to be less expensive than traditional burials. At Newrest Funerals, we’ll help you to make informed decisions about what to spend your money on when arranging a woodland burial. Pricing starts from £955 so this is a viable and affordable option today for many people.