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How Long Is the Mourning Period in Christianity?

Burying the dead isn’t an easy task. Some families long to recover from the loss. Sometimes, the void never fills up, and they keep remembering the dead because of the fond memories they shared.

But how long is the mourning period in Christianity? We’re here to clarify that, so stick around.

Length of the Mourning Period in Christianity

Protestant Christians take at least a week to mourn, and the funeral is typically held within that period. Meanwhile, Orthodox Christians traditionally have a longer mourning period of around 40 days.

By extension, other Orthodox denominations like the Church of the East and Oriental Orthodoxy also mandate a 40-day mourning period following the date of death.

According to the Roman Catholic Church, that period is slightly lesser at 30 days of mourning.

Grieving the death of a loved one is unique to a mourner, and several things like shared value and experience can escalate it.

Read on to how the Christian faith views long mourning periods.

Do Christians Believe in Long Mourning Periods?

Traditionally, Orthodox Christians mourn for as long as 40 days. 

As they observe this long period of mourning, some days are considered more important than others.

During the mourning period, there are times for visitation (also called the time for wake-keeping), a funeral service, and a final service at the grave. 

There are types of services during the mourning period in Christianity, and there are the visitation periods, the funeral, and finally, the burial.

Read on to know more about the role of cemeteries in the mourning period in Christianity. 

The Role of Cemeteries in the Mourning Period in Christianity

Mourning families go to the cemeteries to remember the deceased. Visiting the graveside often helps convey honour and respect to the dead.

During the first month of the deceased passing, visiting the cemetery can offer you a sense of peace. However, nothing prepares you for loss, but memories help you know that the dead lives on in your mind.

Final Thoughts

For Christians, it traditionally takes between one week and 40 days after the date of death to fully mourn the deceased. However, note that the mourning period can vary greatly in length, depending on the denomination.

As highlighted above, Protestants traditionally mourn for a week while Catholics and Orthodox Christians take longer.