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Should Christians Be Buried or Cremated?

When speaking about cremation in the context of the Christian faith, it’s hard to determine whether cremation is approved or forbidden. Is it considered heresy or marked as a sinful act?

The historical preference for burial is indisputable. Hence, many followers of the Christian faith choose to observe the custom of burying the bodies of the deceased.

But since there’s no evidence that the Bible explicitly prohibits cremation, the practice is approved in certain subgroups of Christianity. Hence, many people following the Christian faith are allowed to choose between being buried or cremated.

What Does the Bible Say Regarding Cremation and Burial Tradition?

Naturally, Christians choose to trust the Bible on whether the deceased should be buried or cremated.

So, does the Bible say anything regarding cremation? Unfortunately, the answer is not much.

Although you’ll find that the Old and New Testaments refer to burial as the standard practice (i.e., Genesis 49:29 and Acts 8:2), cremation isn’t directly forbidden nor explicitly condemned in any passage.

The truth is that the scripture hasn’t offered specific guidance regarding the treatment of the dead. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a direct exclusion of one practice.

Why Was Cremation Discouraged (And Still Is in Some Religions)?

According to tradition, for a person to experience resurrection at the time of their passing, the body must stay intact. This is the belief that ruled for centuries and was the reason why cremation was heavily discouraged.

But in 1963, the Catholic Church announced that it doesn’t ban cremation, though it prefers the custom of burying the bodies. However, the Orthodox Church still has strict rules regarding cremation, completely disallowing it unless there are justified reasons. 

Hence, to truly know what is right or wrong, you must consult with the priest of your church.

What to Choose Then?

If your faith allows you to choose between burial or cremation, then feel free to select your best option regardless of the tradition or speculation surrounding the topic.

If you choose to be cremated, treat the cremains with the same respect you would have for the body during a burial service. A cremation combined with a traditional memorial service might be something that most Christians would agree upon. 

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