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What Do You Wear to a Christian Funeral?

Everyone has their own style, and while no one should need to change to suit others, there are situations where you have to defer to some rules. It isn’t because you are being controlled, but more as an empathetic and respectful gesture.

Religion is one of the institutions that can create rules about clothing, and as such, when attending a Christian funeral, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The Setting

Christian funerals are usually held within a church. As it’s a religious holy ground, some rules are traditionally expected to be followed ordinarily. It doesn’t matter if you do not usually dress this way or don’t believe in the religion. Remember that the grieving family is the focus; you don’t want to stand out and distract from that on purpose.

When in church, your clothing is expected to be modest. This means there shouldn’t be any unnecessary displays of wealth, body pride, or sexual appeal. Instead, it’s a place where you’re expected to be humble before God, especially for such a solemn affair as a funeral.

The Christian Tradition

Due to the solemnity of loss and grief, bright colours or, in general, anything flashy isn’t traditionally allowed at a funeral. As such, it has become the norm to wear dark colours, including black, navy or brown. 

Jewellery and makeup are expected to be minimal, as it isn’t a place to show off. Shoulders and knees are also expected to be covered as a sign of respect.

If you can cover up your tattoos, do so. Sleeves on shirts shouldn’t be rolled up, and buttons should be done to a reasonable degree, even if you mean to forgo a tie. Everyone is expected to be simple and formal.

How You Can Dress

Now that you know the general idea behind the dressing style for Christian funerals, here are things you can wear.

For Women: A dark-coloured skirt/pantsuit of appropriate length, a simple dark gown of appropriate length with covered shoulders and minimal cleavage, etc.

For Men: A dark suit, with a tucked-in black shirt and buttoned up with the sleeves down, paired with dark dress pants.

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