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What Does the Bible Say About Christian Burial?

Burial practices are important in most cultures and religions because the loss of a loved one is something that we can all agree is momentous. Because of this, there have been discourses on the proper way to lay the dead to rest. For the longest time, it was even under speculation whether other forms of funerals were acceptable or if people could only be buried.

There have been many burial doctrines over the years, but these practices actually hold no water theologically as they were not founded on the Bible. The Bible does not prescribe any method for burials, and funerals were biblically carried out according to the customs of a place. (Even Jesus was buried in a tomb and not put in a coffin in the ground.)

Breaking Doctrine with Scripture

There are a few doctrines that might be confusing, but here are scriptural reasons as to why you should pay them no mind.

Buried Facing The East

It became common practice for Christians to bury their dead facing the East because when Jesus comes the second time, approaching from the west, they want to have people facing him as they rise again to meet him. This was gleaned from places like Matthew 24:27 and Zechariah 14:4.

This belief is baseless and has nothing to do with the scripture. It was just what people began to do, thinking it would be best. It is absolutely wrong, however. According to 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17, when Jesus returns, he will be in the clouds, and those who will be resurrected will meet him in the clouds. So if anything, they will go upwards, not East.

Burials Over Cremation

People had a hard time coming to terms with cremation in the church, and in fact, it was not until recently that the Catholic church allowed cremation as long as the ashes were kept together. People have argued that the body needs to be kept as intact as possible so it can easily be resurrected during the rapture. 

Once again, this is false. According to 1 Corinthians 15:42-49, God will not resurrect people into the bodies we bury here on earth. Everyone will be resurrected in new bodies made of heavenly material.

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