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What Does the Bible Say About Funerals?

Does the Bible say anything regarding funerals? Well, answering the question is a bit tricky.

Death holds a significant role in both the Old and New Testaments and stands as a core of the Christian scripture itself, but there’s not much to find regarding the rituals surrounding death.

Hence, the Bible only gives crumbs or clues that we collect and assemble in something we call a Christian Funeral.

Ecclesiastes 12:7

‘And the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.’

Also, you need to consider that there are various opinions and interpretations of the Bible because Christianity is divided into many sub-groups.

But, a common belief extracted from the verses of the Bible is that funerals are meaningful occasions. They help the deceased’s soul enter heaven, comfort those in mourning, and provide an opportunity to remember and reflect on life and death.

What Does the Bible Say About Funerals, With Taking Into Account the General View?

As mentioned above, there’s not one answer to the question due to its compound and delicate nature.

One sure thing is that two of Jesus’ greatest miracles occurred during a funeral. That very act, therefore, emphasizes its importance.

Through death and mourning, Christians think about the afterlife and reflect on their faith, mortality, and past actions. Funerals serve to ease the pain and the grief and offer comfort.

Matthew 5:4

‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.’

But, what’s written in the Bible isn’t as important as how the ‘written’ is interpreted by the various subgroups of Christianity (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant…). So, if you require a specific answer, you must focus on Christianity’s specific branch.

The Beliefs Regarding Death

In the Christian faith, it all occurs around heaven and death (and purgatory – a term that almost exclusively appears in Catholicism). 

How you act throughout your life will determine whether your soul goes to heaven or hell. If you were righteous, there would be a place for you next to the Lord, but if you were sinful, you’d go to hell.

Considering that death holds such a significant meaning, it can be concluded that funerals are meaningful as they ease the transition from one world to another.

What to Expect at Newrest Funerals

The differences within one faith are distinctive and unique. Hence, we strive to learn and grasp all those differences to truly understand them. 

Newrest Funerals grows with you, hence don’t hesitate to contact us, share your uncertainties, and ask for our help.