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What Is a Good Christian Song for a Funeral?

Funeral songs provide succour for the attendees, reminding Christians that death is not final. Classical music and hymns are a traditional customary choice in Christian funerals. They’re uplifting and meaningful, depending on how you see them. Nevertheless, these songs resonate with peace, joy, and reflection. 

Depending on your loved one last wishes or your taste, you can also opt for other genres of music for the funeral, honouring them and their faith. Here’s a list of the most touching songs for a Christian funeral.

1. Amazing Grace

A beautiful song to play at Christian funerals is ‘Amazing Grace,’ especially if your loved one experienced conversion during their life. 

This song is well recognisable to attendees and has been adapted to several musical styles and tunes. 

2. Messiah/You’re Beautiful 

Phil Wickman, a contemporary Christian musician, is a soul-stirring songwriter. This song reflects on the beauty of God’s creation and the hope of reunion with Him in the end. 

3. Save a Place for Me 

Inspired by the death of a loved one, the song is filled with encouragement. Matthew West, singer and writer, tells the story of his grandmother’s life. He believes that her exemplary life is worthy of emulation. 

4. Cornerstone 

This delivers exactly what the title represents; that God remains a present help in the most challenging time. Cornerstone is a song of hope and upliftment at a funeral. 

5. Oceans

The depth and beauty of ‘Oceans,’ a tune of surrender, give an assurance of finding God in a bleak time. A bereaved family may draw strength from the Hillsong rendition. 

6. Scars in Heaven

Scars in Heaven was written specifically for a tough time–the COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed the life of millions. The writer was inspired by loss and the emotional and mental strain that came with it. He reminds the listeners that losses are tough, but the believer hopes their loved ones are with Jesus.

7. My Sweet Lord

A song by the former Beatles member George Harrison, My Sweet Lord expresses the desire to have a closer relationship with God. It not only recalls the struggles the bereaved might have gone through in their life but also reminds us of our need for guidance, especially when we lose someone.

8. Rock of Ages – Aretha Franklin

This hymn, readapted in blues style by Aretha Franklin, reminds us of the sacrifice undergone by Jesus for our salvation. At the same time, we recall that even when all seems lost, He is the rock that we can trust.

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