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What Is the Purpose of a Christian Funeral?

Christianity differs greatly depending on whether we’re talking about Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism, or some other branch or sub-group. They have their own beliefs and opinions on the Bible, which is the base or soul of Christianity in general.

Hence, defining funeral customs remains a difficult challenge.

But, the funeral holds a significant role in Christianity, serving as a vessel to another word. No matter the sub-group, funerals are there to comfort those bereaved and offer a brief insight – a remembrance of the deceased.

What Is the Purpose of a Christian Funeral in General?

Funerals help us to acknowledge death. It is the time for family and friends to offer and give support, remember the deceased, grow strength from within and become a pillar to all who mourn.

Christianity places its hope in the resurrection of Christ and the resurrection of the dead. Therefore, death represents a different form of life – one next to the Lord itself.

A funeral is only a temporary goodbye, while a reunion awaits in ‘life after death.’

What Does a Funeral Offer to Those in Grief?

There’s no one meaning or one purpose to the funeral. It is versatile, allowing everyone to embrace the meaning they require at the time of grief.

Hence funerals will help you:

  • Accept that someone you loved has passed away,
  • Properly say goodbye and reflect on the life of the deceased,
  • Feel supported, as funerals create a caring community connected through grief and love,
  • Embrace the inevitable cycle of life and death,
  • Find meaning in the life ahead and see hope regardless of the pain of loss.

Do You Have to Hold a Funeral?

The choice is yours to make. However, Christianity does encourage its believers to follow the given customs and live by the rules of faith. 

Funerals are an individual’s choice based on his own beliefs and desires. You can take out the meaning of the funeral from its traditional Christian context and insert it into a new one. 

The purpose of the funeral is broad and not necessarily related to the act of burial itself. Hence, feel free to choose and do what best feels right.

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