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What to Say as a Christian at a Funeral?

Matthew 10:20 lets us know that God can speak through his children, but even then, it wouldn’t hurt to make a few preparations before speaking at a funeral. It is not easy to speak in times of grief, loss and pain. Saying the wrong thing can lead to anger, as everyone’s emotions are high. Even as a Christian, it’s not surprising to find yourself struggling.

It can be even harder to speak when you are also affected by the loss. Your main goals are to be strong for everyone, give everyone a supportive and hopeful message, and share God’s love.

Comfort and Hope in The Word

The best place to speak from is the Bible; as such, you should make sure that you keep your speech biblical. Here are a few things the Bible offers.

Death Is Not the End

The most painful thing about death is how final it seems. You can no longer speak to that person, see them laugh, or have them grow any further. That finality is the most horrible pain. However, as a Christian, it’s written that death isn’t the end but simply a passage unto the next life, the true life. (John 5:24-25, John 11:25, John 3:16)

Reminding everyone that the pain they are feeling is, in fact, not final is a huge comfort as they can look forward to meeting their loved one again in heaven.

God Will Comfort You

Even in the darkest times, God is always there, waiting to comfort his children if they’ll just turn to him with open hearts. (Job 5:11, Isaiah 41:10, Romans 15:13) Remind everyone of the love of God and the hope that he will take care of them. The pain they feel will not last forever, as God will heal all wounds.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • It’s a personal affair: A funeral is about the person who passed, so even in your speech about God, remember to speak about the person and the times you shared.
  • Don’t be preachy: This is not the time to show off the fruit of your Bible study. Remember, you’re not there to preach but to honour someone.
  • Remember, the focus is hope: It’s also not the time to speak on the life choices of anyone or admonish anyone. Give hope and only hope.

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