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What Is the Cheapest Funeral for Cremation?

In these times when burying the dead has become frighteningly costly, cremation funerals have become much more popular. It’s a great choice, giving you the option to take the ashes of your loved one home with you or scatter them somewhere you know they’d have liked.

It’s no wonder that it has grown in popularity. Apart from its cost-effectiveness, cremation is also quite eco-friendly and doesn’t take up grave space.

Cheapest Funeral for Cremation

By far, the cheapest type of cremation is direct cremation. In this type, the body is cremated right after death, so you skip out on a lot of costs, such as:

  • A coffin and hearse
  • Embalming of the body
  • Administration of funeral
  • Funeral cars for the family
  • Minister and Doctor’s fees
  • A venue
  • Catering
  • Grave space
  • A service

Therefore, if you choose direct cremation, the only thing you’d need to pay for would be the cremation itself and the body’s transportation. You can take the ashes home with you and have a quiet memorial without needing to plan a service. Although it’s cheap and simple, direct cremation is still an honourable way to lay your loved one to rest.

Other Types of Cremation

Traditional Cremation

Just like with traditional burials, a funeral service is carried out first with the body embalmed and put in a casket for the service before being taken to the cremation site. The ashes can be buried, entombed, scattered, or taken home. This type of cremation is usually more favoured for the preference of cremation over burials than a lack of funds.

Memorial Cremation

With this type of cremation, a memorial service is held, but the body doesn’t need to be embalmed and is cremated immediately, with the service being held at any time afterwards, as there’s no rush. It’s usually held by displaying photos of the deceased and perhaps scattering the ashes during the ceremony.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re planning for your cremation or arranging for a loved one, it’s important to know and understand your options. Each family has different concerns and capabilities, especially when it comes to covering cremation costs. And if you’re aiming for the most affordable option, then direct cremation is the best choice.