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What Is the Cheapest Funeral You Can Have in the UK?

On average, the “cost of death,” as it has been dubbed, is 4,056 pounds in the UK. Although it’s said to be less now than it used to be before, that’s still a frightening amount to see on a bill. Coupled with grief, such prices can be quite burdensome to the family of the deceased.

Luckily, this isn’t a fixed price. The price of funerals can go up and down, depending on the type that you choose.

Types of Funerals Available in the UK

There was a time when all burials in the UK followed the same format, from the dress code to the decorations. However, time has passed, and with so much diversity, funerals have become diverse as well. There are mainly five types of funerals popular in the UK today.

  • Traditional Funerals: These follow the same format, based on the religion of the family, and are quite expensive.
  • Green Funerals: These are carried out with the “green” environment in mind and are cheaper than traditional funerals.
  • Direct Funerals: These are the cheapest funerals as there’s no service and the deceased is just buried or cremated.
  • Life Celebrations: They’re usually done by the deceased before they pass away. In this case, they plan and pay for their own funeral to have people celebrate their life.
  • Humanist Funerals: These are non-religious funerals that go in different formats from traditional ones but still hold services. Instead of a minister, there’s an officiant or family member conducting the ceremony.

Direct Funerals

As mentioned, the cheapest funeral available in the UK is the direct funeral. This can be further divided into two types:

  • Direct Burial: In this case, a service isn’t held, and the body isn’t embalmed. It saves a lot of costs but still requires payment for grave space.
  • Direct Cremation: This is the cheapest funeral there is, as with direct cremation; not only is there no service, but grave space is also unnecessary. Instead, the family may collect the ashes of their loved one and take them home. In fact, it can even get cheaper if the family brings their own urn.

Saving on Funeral Costs With Newrest Funerals

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