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What is the Cheapest Possible Funeral?

In these trying times, losing a loved one can also mean crippling bills on top of the pain and grief.

Many turn to loans to make it through, but do you really have to do that? Going into debt in times when the economy is taking a plunge is a risk. Moreover, the love you have for your loved one who passed won’t be any less if you go for a budget-friendly option. So what is the cheapest possible funeral?

Direct vs Traditional

The main types of funerals that people usually choose are direct and traditional. The traditional funeral is the most popularly known funeral type. There’s a casket where people may or may not view the body to say goodbye, a minister, and a decorated service afterwards with food and drinks for guests and family members saying goodbye.

Traditional funerals can be quite expensive nowadays. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain such burial standards as the things to be paid for might be overwhelming for some.

On the other hand, you have the direct funeral. In this case, you can skip out on things like embalmment fees, funeral administration fees, catering fees, minister and doctor fees, payment for the venue, etc. The body of the deceased is taken straight to the crematorium or cemetery without the need for a service.

Cremation vs Burial

A direct funeral is the cheapest type, but even then, there’s still a distinction between cremation and burials. 

If you opt for a direct burial, you’ll have to plan to have the body buried without a service, so you can skip everything that relates to the service, including embalming. However, you’ll also need to pay for grave space and, most likely, a casket. These are still extra costs. 

If you truly want to cut down on the price you’re getting, then you should opt for a direct cremation. The only other thing you’ll need to pay for other than the cost of cremation itself is the transportation of the body, which you’d still pay for with other types of funerals.

As such, the cheapest possible funeral you can get is a direct cremation.

Get Help From Newrest Funerals

If you feel lost and don’t know which kind of funeral you should go for, reach out to us at Newrest Funerals, as we’re always happy to help you find the right funeral for your budget.