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What Is the Very Cheapest Cremation?

Cremation has risen in popularity in the United Kingdom because it’s a cost-effective way to send off a deceased person. However, there are three types of cremations, and some are more thorough than others. So, it helps to know what characterises each one before organising a funeral.

The three types of cremations are memorial, traditional, and direct. So, which method is the very cheapest?

The Cheapest Cremation in the United Kingdom

The cheapest cremation type in the United Kingdom is direct cremation. The deceased is cremated immediately after death. Since there are no services, ceremonies, or mourners, the cost of this method is significantly lower than the alternatives.

What Is a Direct Cremation?

Once a person dies, the family should start arranging a funeral. The most critical decision it has to make is which method it should use to send off its loved one.

Direct cremation is a cost-effective, flexible, and fussless option. Immediately after death, the deceased is transported into the care of a funeral home and cremated. Unlike traditional and memorial cremations, it doesn’t involve a memorial. The family can also decide whether it wants the ashes delivered or scattered at a specific place.

Since this method doesn’t involve the defining aspects of the other methods, those being a service and a ceremony, it has less expenses.

Generally, direct cremations are a viable choice for families looking to spend the minimum or rid themselves of the tedious decision-making that comes at a time of great sorrow.

How Much Does a Direct Cremation Cost?

Funeral homes provide the basic necessities in their direct cremation package. These include transport, storage and care, and cremation fees.

Since the family doesn’t have to pay for a service or a viewing at the chapel, the final bill comes out at a manageable cost. However, some additional optional services can make the cost go up, like requesting a special coffin or urn.

In the end, the price is entirely dependent on your location and the funeral home.

Advantages of a Direct Cremation

Direct cremations have a few advantages that you might want to know about.

  • They’re much cheaper than the alternatives as they don’t include a ceremony, a service, or a wake.
  • They’re not as susceptible to inflation as the other methods. While traditional burials and cremations become much more expensive with time, direct cremations remain affordable.
  • They’re eco-friendly, as they reduce the pollution generated during the process by using fewer resources.


Choosing the method to send off a loved one is difficult when burdened by the grief that comes with loss. To pick what’s appropriate for you and your family, you should know what separates each method from another.

Direct cremations are the most cost-effective, but they don’t offer the same support and comfort traditional methods bring through ceremonies. Still, they’re for you if you want to spend the minimum and bid farewell to someone in a fussless, intimate manner.