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What’s the Cheapest Funeral You Can Get in the UK?

Funeral homes in the United Kingdom provide a wide range of services and offer many funeral types. For example, there are funeral receptions that accompany traditional burials, but they’re quite expensive.

Fortunately, funeral parlours also provide options for people on a budget. So, what is the cheapest funeral you can get in the UK?

The Cheapest Funeral in the UK

A direct cremation is the cheapest funeral you can get in the United Kingdom. It has no funeral service, no mourners, and no prior ceremony — it’s the most basic form of cremation.

How Does Direct Cremation Work?

First, the deceased will be transported to the care of the cremation provider and kept in a climate-controlled environment. At the same time, the family finalises the paperwork required for the crematorium to proceed.

Next, the facility responsible for the cremation prepares the body. This includes cleaning, dressing, and taking off jewellery (unless specified otherwise) and prosthetics (so as not to cause a reaction) before placing the body in an alternate container. 

Then, the body is put into a special furnace. Once cremated, the remains are inspected for any metal remnants left behind. Then, a particular processor grinds them — all that remains at this point is ashes. This process, including grinding, takes up to six hours.

Finally, the ashes are collected and placed in an urn or container and delivered to the family, unless specified otherwise. Delivery typically takes between seven to ten days.

Why Choose Direct Cremation?

The process of direct cremation is simple. It skips the formalities accompanying funerals, which makes it very flexible and private. It’s also a viable option for families looking for an intimate and fussless way to put their loved ones to rest.

Since no ceremonies are held before the cremation, families can host a farewell ceremony at a time they find more appropriate and satisfying. For example, some families prefer to celebrate their loved one’s life more than mourn their passing.

Finally, it’s much more affordable, as families do away with many aspects of traditional services, such as buying an expensive casket and hosting a reception with many attendees.

How Much Does Direct Cremation Cost?

However, in Wiltshire or anywhere in the UK, the cost of a direct cremation will vary between different funeral homes. However, these are the typical processes that make up the price of a direct cremation:

  • Collection and storage of the deceased
  • The funeral director’s overheads and required paperwork
  • The cremation container
  • The crematorium’s fees, including processes such as removing prosthetics
  • The urn or container in which the ashes will be stored
  • Transport to and from the crematorium


Direct cremations value intimacy and time over other options and come at affordable prices. Their best advantage is that they allow families to hold ceremonies at any time they see fit to celebrate the life of their lost loved ones.

However, they may not be for everyone, as there’s no service and procession, and the family doesn’t get to choose the time and day of the cremation.