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Body Repatriation Services to South Africa

We can organise to have your loved ones transported to and from South Africa.

The Republic of South Africa may be many hours’ flight away from the UK but the historical bonds between the two countries are strong. As such, there are many South African nationals in the UK for work, for business or for pleasure at any one time. Inevitably, sometimes deaths will occur meaning that the friends and the family of the deceased would like the body to be repatriated to South Africa. If so, Newrest Funerals is on hand to make all of the necessary arrangements. Importantly, you can contact us to begin making the repatriation plan on your behalf whether you are currently in the UK yourself, in South Africa or calling us from another part of the world.

At Newrest Funerals, we deal with body repatriations to destinations all over southern Africa frequently, including South Africa. This means that you can turn to us with confidence. We know what we are doing with obtaining the necessary documentation that will allow the body to pass over the international border without officials causing delays. Please bear in mind that you cannot simply take a body out of the country by sea or air without the right paperwork in place. Allow us to take care of these technical issues for you at what is likely to be a time of great sadness. We can help you whether the body of the deceased is in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and handle the minor rule differences that apply in different locations.

Fast But Respectful South African Body Repatriation Services

One of the reasons that so many South Africans turn to Newrest Funerals for repatriation of a relative or friend is that we operate in a caring but fast-moving way. When it comes to arranging a suitable flight or having the deceased conveyed to the airport from where they are currently being held, we will make sure that there are no unnecessary delays in the process. Moreover, we’ll ensure that the deceased is fully prepared for their final journey according to your wishes. 

Services available include dressing the deceased appropriately, embalming the deceased and procuring a suitable coffin that will meet the standards required of most air operators flying to South Africa today. We operate in an efficient way to keep costs down but also act swiftly so that the entire process of the body repatriation service to South Africa doesn’t run on unduly.

Choose Newrest Funerals to Help Repatriate a Body to South Africa

Our dedicated team of professionals have the experience and know-how to deal with all sorts of special requests when it comes to planning a deceased repatriation to South Africa. Perhaps you would like the deceased conveyed to a particular airport in the country or would like a casket for the deceased decked out in certain colours? Whatever it is you would prefer, then we will be at your disposal to provide it within the regulations. Call Newrest Funerals today and find out how we can help. The lines are open 24/7.