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Can People Attend a Direct Funeral?

Funerals are an irreplaceable aspect of every culture and religion. They give people a chance to pay their respects and bid the deceased the last farewell. Also, they make it easier for the family to accept what happened by being surrounded by loved ones.

But nowadays, funerals are getting more costly every day, and as such, many are looking to cut costs where they can. This is where direct funerals come in. In a direct funeral, all the ceremonies are skipped, and the body of the deceased is put away immediately. But can people attend a direct funeral?

Types of Direct Funerals

There are two types of direct funerals. They are:

  • Direct Burial: In a direct burial, the body of the deceased is taken straight to the cemetery and buried without ceremony. By having a direct burial, the costs for the service, as well as the dressing of the body, become unnecessary and, as such, can be saved.
  • Direct Cremation: Direct cremation is the cheapest type of funeral that there is. The body is taken straight to the crematorium. Just like with the burial, there’s no need to pay for a service or dress the body. In this case, there’s also no need to pay for grave space and a coffin, which saves you extra money.

Can You Attend to Say Goodbye at Direct Funerals?

While direct burials save costs by eliminating the need for aspects like embalming and service, the fact that these aren’t held means that there’s no accommodation for a viewing or visitation.

In other words, if you choose to have a direct funeral, you won’t get to be there while the body is burned or while it’s buried. In this case, you’d be better off saying your goodbyes at least a day before the body is taken for the funeral.

Nowadays, with direct cremation, there’s a bit of leeway created for those who want to be present to say goodbye. This is called an ‘attended direct cremation’, and it attracts an extra fee.

The mourners are allowed a grace of 10 minutes to say their goodbyes in the smallest of services. However, it’s not offered by every funeral house. Other options may be available, but in such a case, it’s no longer a direct funeral. For those looking for a more low-key, simple funeral, a direct cremation or direct burial may be a suitable option.

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