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What Is a Direct Funeral Service?

Funerals are an extensive process. They span several days and include multiple costly ceremonies and extras. Since many families can’t keep up with the rising costs of traditional funerals, direct funerals have witnessed a rise in popularity in the past several years.

While it may sound like skimping on funerals is disrespectful to the deceased, it’s anything but. Among the many advantages of direct funerals is that they allow families to send off their loved ones honourably and cost-effectively. 

Let’s learn more about them!

What Is a Direct Funeral Service?

A direct funeral service skips the service, ceremony, and costly extras such as hearses and venue hire to keep costs to a minimum. It focuses on the essential elements of a funeral, those being providing care for the deceased and honourably cremating or burying them.

The most expensive aspect of traditional funerals is the unnecessary flair brought about by extras. Once they all add up, the final bill can become barely manageable for many. For example, nowadays, instead of buying a pricey coffin, families opt for cheaper alternatives such as cardboard or wood effect coffins.

Additionally, viewings, venue hires, and ceremonies can substantially spike the funeral’s cost. While they’re a perfect way to allow family and friends to gather and celebrate a person’s life, some people find them unnecessary. 

During a direct funeral, the dead person is buried or cremated as soon as possible without the presence of mourners or any prior ceremony.

How Much Does a Direct Funeral Cost?

The cost of direct funerals will range from one funeral home to another, so it’d help if you arranged it with a home you’re comfortable with that’s also transparent with its costs. And remember that direct cremations are much cheaper than direct burials, as they exclude the cost of burial plots.

The services provided during a direct funeral are strictly limited to the storage and transport of the deceased, the paperwork and doctor’s fees, and the process of cremating or burying.

What Are the Advantages of Direct Funerals?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of direct funerals.

  • They allow the family to celebrate their loved one’s life in complete privacy and at a time they find more intimate and appropriate
  • They’re much cheaper than the alternative, as they don’t include prior ceremonies or costly extras.
  • They allow the family to send off their loved one in a dignified manner while using fewer resources, which might be appropriate for a Green individual.


Whether you choose direct funerals due to your lifestyle or financial situation, remember that they’re still an honourable way to send off your loved one. Not only do they skip the unnecessary aspects of traditional funerals to minimise costs, but they’ll also allow the family to celebrate at a time they find more appropriate.

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