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What Is the Price for Direct Burial?

Burying a person after their demise has been the norm since the dawn of history. Although there are several new ways to send off the deceased, burials remain the go-to method for many families for several reasons. For example, aside from being respectful to the body, as some religions require, they also provide a gravesite for family and friends to visit. 

However, traditional burials are undeniably expensive. As such, many families opt for the cheaper alternative — direct burials. But what is the price for direct burial? Let’s find out.

What Is a Direct Burial?

Direct burials are a cheaper alternative to traditional burials that focus on minimising costs by excluding the defining aspects of the typical funeral.

There’s no service, ceremony, viewing at the chapel, or venue hire. Once a person dies, the funeral home directly transports them to the cemetery to be buried.

Traditional burials are plagued with costly extras. For example, special coffins can cost up to several thousand pounds. The final bill can become unmanageable for many families if they include an expensive coffin and a venue hire.

On the other hand, direct burials are concerned with providing only the necessities, which makes them an excellent option for families looking to minimise costs.

What Is the Price of a Direct Burial?

Similarly to other direct methods, funeral homes provide the necessities in their direct burial package. Since you won’t be paying for any pricey extras, the final bill will be very reasonable.

However, direct burial prices will vary greatly depending on your location and which funeral home provides the services. So, it’s difficult to put a precise price point on it.

It’d help if you dealt with a funeral home that’s very transparent with its clients. For example, you may have to buy the burial plot yourself, as many homes don’t include it in their packages. To get a better idea of what to expect, here are the services most homes provide:

  • Storage and care of the deceased
  • Doctor’s fees, if applicable
  • Burial plot, if applicable
  • Funeral director’s fees and required paperwork
  • Transport of the deceased
  • Burial fees

What Are the Advantages of Direct Burials?

Since there are several methods to send off a loved one, you’d be able to decide better if you could compare the advantages of each one of them. 

Here’s what makes direct burials special:

  • They provide a gravesite for family and friends to visit their loved one
  • They allow the family to celebrate at a time they see more fit and intimate
  • They’re cost-effective with a process that’s quick compared to the alternatives


It’s difficult to handle the responsibility of financing an expensive funeral during great sorrow. Death can come at the most unexpected times. If you happen to lose a loved one while facing financial hardship, you can opt for a less costly direct burial.