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Can I Attend a Direct Cremation?

Parting with a loved one is very painful. In addition to the emotional baggage, it’s also an administrative, even an ecological puzzle for some people, and let’s be honest – not everyone knows what to do. Direct cremation is a straightforward process, but if you are unfamiliar with how it works, don’t worry; we’re here to help.  

Can I Attend a Direct Cremation?

Attending a direct cremation is usually not allowed, although some funeral homes might allow it. Being present during cremation is a way to dignify the death of a loved one, but with direct cremations, you get to do that part after the procedure. 

Keep in mind that some service providers will allow attendance only up to a certain point, while others will be more flexible and tend to your or the deceased’s wishes without your presence; this will, of course, reflect on the price of the cremation. In general, attendance is not a standard during a direct cremation.

The only person present during a direct cremation is a professional in charge of conducting the entire process.

What Is a Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is a process that typically does not require the presence of anyone other than the cremation technician. As you may imagine, the process is relatively straightforward and fast.

Why Do People Not Attend Direct Cremations?

People choose not to attend a direct cremation for all sorts of reasons. In many cases, the deceased might have wished for it to be done without formalities.

The other primary reason is that emotions can get the best of us when attending a cremation. After all, if it is a family member or a loved one involved, then it is understandable that you might want to skip this part.

Direct cremations tend to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum because they do not involve many of the standard procedures that cremations usually include, such as a eulogy, music, or any religious or other types of formal ceremonies.

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Is It Bad Not to Attend a Direct Cremation?

Attending cremation is a matter of personal choice, and there is nothing wrong with not being able to participate. 

You will be reunited with the ashes of your loved one once the procedure is complete, and you can proceed to have a formal gathering or a celebration of the life of your loved one under your (or their) terms.

Newrest Is Here to Help With Direct Cremation

With a low price and a simplified process, direct cremation is ideal for those who would like to skip the uncomfortable part. Leave it all to us and our skilled professionals at Newrest to help.