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Do You Need a Coffin for Direct Cremation?

Direct cremations have become a popular choice among families for being a fussless and intimate way for final body disposition. They significantly cut expenses by skipping the ceremony and service that accompany traditional funerals. Moreover, the family has minimal planning since the funeral home handles almost every aspect.

However, this raises several questions regarding the needs the family has to pay for, the most important being coffins. So, do you need a coffin for a cheap direct cremation? Let’s find out!

What Is a Direct Cremation?

Direct cremations provide a cost-effective alternative for final body disposition by skipping the defining aspects of other funeral types; a service and a ceremony. The funeral home handling the direct cremation provides the essential needs to ensure a legal, fussless, and honourable send-off for your loved one.

Once a person dies, the funeral home immediately takes their body into their care. It’s also cremated on the same day. The ashes are either delivered to the family or scattered at a specific place.

Do You Need a Coffin for Direct Cremation?

Yes, coffins are necessary for direct cremation. They also have to meet the mandatory requirements of the crematorium providing its services.

The body is cremated alongside a suitable coffin during the cremation process because it’s difficult to move it safely or effortlessly inside the cremation chamber. The coffin provides a solid, flat base that makes it easier to manoeuvre said body.

Additionally, it’s much more hygienic to cremate a body in a rigid and enclosed environment. Finally, coffins ascertain that the body is honoured and dignified while being moved around, as it shelters and protects it. 

They don’t need to be expensive, however. All you need to do is provide a coffin that’s made of safe materials and is combustible. For example, metal parts go against the crematorium’s safety procedures.

How Much Does a Direct Cremation Coffin Cost?

The price of a coffin will vary significantly depending on its material. Cardboard coffins, for example, are very cheap compared to wicker, bamboo, or wooden coffins. Some funeral homes provide an alternative container in their direct cremation plans, so it’d help if you discussed the container requirements and your wishes with them.

However, remember that since there are no ceremonies that require a beautiful casket, you shouldn’t break the bank by buying an expensive one that’ll just get cremated. 


Coffins are necessary for direct cremations. They protect the body and ensure that it’s dignifiedly moved around and are also more hygienic during cremation. The coffin’s price will vary significantly depending on its material, but you don’t need to spend too much on it, as it’ll get cremated alongside the body.