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How Do You Arrange a Direct Cremation?

Cremation is one of several methods to dispose of a dead person’s body. Although there are a few types, including memorial and traditional cremations, many families opt for direct cremations. Aside from being fussless and intimate, they’re more affordable.

But how do you arrange a direct cremation? Whether you’ve chosen this method due to personal reasons or your financial situation, it’d help if you understood its process and how to arrange one.

What Is a Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is a cost-effective and fussless option to dispose of a dead body. Immediately after death, the deceased is transported into the care of a funeral home and cremated. It cuts costs by excluding the defining aspects of other methods, those being a service, ceremony, and venue hire. It also doesn’t involve mourners.

Direct cremations are an option for families looking to spend the minimum during a time of great sorrow. Since it’s straightforward, it significantly reduces the expenses and planning that come with funerals.

How Can I Arrange a Direct Cremation?

The first step to arranging a direct cremation is to find a funeral home you’re comfortable with. Consider the pricing — which we’ll discuss below — and the services you’re getting. 

Generally, funeral homes will provide the following services:

  • Storage and care of the deceased
  • Required Paperwork
  • Doctor’s fees, if applicable
  • Crematorium fees
  • Simple coffin and urn to cremate and store the ashes, respectively
  • Delivery of the ashes, if applicable

Once you decide on a funeral home, they’ll arrange a suitable time for you to deliver the deceased. Next, they store the deceased until cremation, which generally happens on the same day. Also, the funeral home will notify you on the day of cremation if you want to celebrate at home.

The process itself is swift, but the delivery of ashes may take some time. It can take up to two weeks to receive them if you request that they be delivered to you.

How Expensive Is Direct Cremation?

Funeral homes provide the necessities in their direct cremation packages. These include transportation, storage and care, and cremation fees. The expenses are minimal since there’s no expensive coffin, viewing at the chapel, or venue hire.

However, we can’t put an exact price on the cost of direct cremations. It’s entirely dependent on your location and the funeral home providing its service. And in some cases, you can pay for additional services. For example, some funeral homes will charge more for delivering the ashes to you, while some don’t include the doctor’s fees, and you’ll have to cover them.


Funerals come with a lot of planning and expenses during a time of great sorrow. As such, direct cremations are an option if you want to spend the minimum or rid yourself of the burdensome decision-making that follows death.

It’s best to research your local funeral homes and discuss your needs with their funeral directors. They’ll know how to best satisfy your needs and guide you through the entire process.