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How Much Does a Direct Cremation Cost in the UK?

Funeral arrangements can be a significant burden when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one. 

Direct cremation is usually your best bet for a less stressful process. It’s a simple, dignified cremation without a funeral or farewell service. The body isn’t embalmed in this process, and no expensive coffin is required. It’s also known as a direct funeral, direct proposal, or pure cremation.

But how much does direct cremation cost in the UK? Read the answer below!

How Much Does a Direct Cremation Cost in the UK?

Direct cremations are 78.2% less expensive than traditional cremation funerals and 60% less expensive than average funeral services. The cost ranges from an average of £1,000 to £2,000, and the final price depends on the following factors.

The Funeral Company You Choose

Funeral companies charge clients for services based on costs of cremation fees, doctor’s certification, coffin, and the collection and care of the deceased.

As of 2022, the average direct cremation service costs about £1647 (doctor certification fees included). It’s highly advised to take out time to check what’s specified in a funeral company’s services, as many of them don’t include the costs of all services in their pricing plans.

Payment System 

Payment methods for direct cremation services are also important. Prepaid direct cremation plans allow you to plan and pay for a cremation ahead of time. Costs are thus fixed at current prices, regardless of future increases.

On the other hand, monthly payments allow for less bulky payments because costs are spread out over time. Depending on the payment plan, some funeral homes can allow you to spread payments over 12 months, but additional fees are incurred due to inflation as time passes.

Single payments are usually the cheapest because costs are paid all at once. This leaves no room for dealing with price increases or hikes.

Direct cremation insurance can also be useful in covering the costs of cremation services.

Time and Place of Collecting the Deceased 

Funeral homes include transportation costs in their service pricing. If you live in a remote area, you’ll most likely be charged more, and services are also more expensive during public holidays.

Extra Charges for Returning the Ashes to You

Home deliveries of your loved ones’ ashes are more expensive than picking them up yourself. This is because transportation and handling are considered expenses to be borne by the client.

Final Thoughts

When you take all these considerations into account, direct cremation emerges as the option that’s both less expensive and less stressful. It’s a procedure that enables you to part ways in a meaningful manner and relieves you of the burden of bearing additional financial responsibility.