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Is Direct Cremation a Good Idea?

Here at Newrest Funerals, we speak to people from all walks of life, all of whom have very different funeral preferences. 

Our specialist funeral advisors have heard it all, from the extravagant funeral with hundreds of mourners to the simple and more affordable arrangements. One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not a Direct Cremation is a good idea. 

For some people cost is a contributing factor, whilst others may worry they are not doing the right thing by their deceased loved one. Let us deal with some of the myths about direct cremations and focus on the true question “Is Direct Cremation right for you?”

Big funerals aren’t for everyone. Not only can large funeral services be difficult for the remaining family’s emotional state, but they can also get pretty expensive.

Alternatively, direct cremation is worth exploring if you’re looking for a simple service that won’t put your family under a financial burden.

However, this may not be the option for every family. So before making a decision, read this article to learn if direct cremation is a good idea for your loved one.

What does direct cremation mean?

A Direct Cremation is a simple, dignified funeral with no service, no mourners can attend. The coffin is simply taken to the crematorium and travels through the chapel and is placed on the catafalque, just like an attended funeral before being placed in the cremator. 

Cremated remains can then either be collected by the applicant, scattered in the memorial garden or returned to the family by your Funeral Director for an additional fee. 

When Is Direct Cremation a Suitable Choice?

There are a few situations where direct cremation is a good idea. 

For starters, direct cremation means you won’t have to worry about the logistics of planning a funeral since your provider handles the entire process. Everything from collecting the deceased, completing the documentation, getting the coffin, and delivering the ashes is done for you.

Secondly, if the death has been exceptionally hard on your family, it might be better to give your family time to recover rather than attend a traditional funeral service where they’ll be constantly reminded of the loss of their loved one.

Benefits of a Direct Cremation

Direct cremations take all the unnecessary fuss out of planning a funeral. For example, your funeral home will provide an affordable coffin, and there won’t be any embalming, cosmetic, or hairdressing charges. You won’t also have to worry about the costs of renting a church or chapel.

Also, instead of renting a nice flower car or a hearse for transportation, the funeral home will provide a vehicle, which comes at a lower cost.

A major disadvantage of traditional funerals is that they force the family to plan the funeral and memorial services when they’re still dealing with their loss. However, with direct cremation, the family can plan a memorial service after they’ve taken the time to grieve.

How Much Will a Direct Cremation Cost?

As previously said, direct cremations take care of all the logistics, which means all you get after calling the funeral home is the ashes in a few days.

Unfortunately, this means there won’t be an opportunity for friends and family to attend a ceremony where they can say their final goodbyes, especially if they’re arriving from far away.

Also, choosing the time and location of the cremation is done by the crematorium, which might not be ideal for everyone in the family.

Drawbacks of a Direct Cremation

At Newrest Funerals, we can arrange a direct cremation from just £995.00.  This is our lowest cost “direct” option.  This price includes the collection of the deceased in a suitable vehicle, a standard coffin, cremation fees with the option to have ashes scattered in the memorial garden or returned to you for an additional fee. Direct Cremation is quickly becoming one of the most popular funeral options in the UK providing family and friends with the opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased in their own unique way. 

(Doctors fees are applicable for cremation forms in England and Wales if  the death is not referred to the Coroner, the current fee is £82.00)

In 2022, the average cost of a basic, attended funeral in the UK was just over £4,000.  With costs expected to increase year on year, this option offers great value for money. 


Direct cremation is for a family that’s fine with skipping the big open-casket funeral, making it a solid option for saving time and money. The process is as simple as calling the funeral home and waiting a few days before receiving your loved one’s ashes.