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Do You Have Clothes on When You Are Cremated?

Cremation remains a viable option for a lot of people as a last wish before they pass on. It’s a history-long practice that has both cultural and religious roots in many countries across the world. However, choosing to cremate your body has its rules and code of conduct as stipulated by the administrators. 

Some of those rules are flexible, allowing for the personal preferences of the deceased’s family. One issue that makes the rounds is: do you have clothes on when you’re cremated? In this article, we’ll answer that query in more detail.

Can I Have Clothes on During Cremation?

Yes. You can have your cremation done with or without clothes. However, there are two types of cremation: flame and water cremation. 

Flame-based cremation is when the deceased is put in a chamber and heat is applied. It’s also important that the right amount of heat is applied to the body. With this process done, the body slowly burns out, leaving some bone fragments.

On the flip side, the water-based cremation process is more modern and faster. Here, chemicals, heat, and fire pressure are applied too. And with all this in play, it helps speed up the process.

You can have your clothes on for both of these types if you wish. You can also discuss with the funeral managers to know your options.

List of Clothes to Choose From for Your Cremation

Here’s a compiled list of what you can wear during the cremation. This list is made to help your family and loved ones choose what you might wear during your cremation.

  • Basic outfits: Looking for what’s right can be overwhelming. Going with the simple and basic could be what you’re looking for.
  • Fancy suit or dress: You could have one of your favourite outfits ready from a memorable ceremony in the past kept for your cremation.
  • Out of importance: Some people are naturally drawn to particular outfits. Making any of them your choice outfit for cremation could work.
  • Military outfits: You don’t have to be a military officer or a veteran to want a military outfit. You could choose a uniform if you’ve got some attachment, or it could be out of respect for a dead veteran.  

Does the Coffin Get Cremated With the Body?

Are you thinking about what happens to the coffin at the funeral? Everything goes with the cremation process, which is why it is important to make the right decision on outfits and a coffin to follow. If you want everything to be memorable, planning is vital.

Wrap Up

You can choose to have clothes on or not when you’re cremated. You may need to consult your funeral director on what to wear for the cremation to ease this transition. Their expertise will help prepare you for the best outfit for the cremation.