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What Do You Get With a Cremation Plan?

Cremation plans are arrangements you can make with funeral homes and crematoriums in advance. They allow you to plan and prepay your final farewell and thus spare your loved ones the funeral costs.

If you decide on a cremation plan, you should agree on details with the cremation provider, who’ll provide all arranged services upon your death. And depending on the plan you choose, cost coverage can be complete or partial.

Services Included in a Cremation Plan

Services included in most crematorium plans refer to the collection and transportation of the body to the crematorium, preparation for cremation, and ash disposal. Cremation providers notify the family of the cremation date so that they can celebrate the deceased’s life if they want. 

Some cremation plans you can choose from include:

  • Direct cremation: It’s a good option if you don’t want any fuss or extra expenses. Cremation takes place without the family attending and happens on the same day of the death without a service.
  • Cremation with family attendance: Cremation with family attendance is another option for those seeking affordable funerals. The immediate family holds a service for the deceased at a pre-arranged time with a priest or celebrant. After the memorial ends, the crematorium staff takes the deceased’s body to the committal.  

If the deceased want their ashes to rest in a specific place, the family collects the urn at the agreed time (with an extra cost) and fulfils the deceased’s wish. Another option is to store the urn in a columbarium or mausoleum, which crematoria staff can do with or without family attendance.

How to Choose a Cremation Plan

If you want to take care of the funeral costs in advance and thus save your loved ones the stress and expense, the first step is to find a cremation provider. Arrange meetings with a couple of them and find out what options they offer.

Next, decide what kind of funeral you want. Will it be a direct cremation, or do you want a service with family and friends on your last farewell? Also, you must decide whether there’ll be a priest, music, speeches, and similar things. These are all demands that the cremation service provider will fulfil.

Finally, consider payment options of funerals. A cremation plan can be paid as a lump sum, which brings additional discounts, or you can opt for monthly instalments, which are more expensive but preferable if you don’t have enough money to pay for everything at once.

To Sum Up

A cremation plan can bring relief to the deceased’s family, who won’t have to bear the funeral expenses. They’ll also avoid stress regarding the cremation because the cremation provider will do all (or most) of the work. To choose a cremation plan, you should know what the selected arrangement covers and let your loved ones know about plans for your last farewell.