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What Is a Cremation Plan?

People who believe in soul immortality don’t make a big deal about funerals. In the majority of cases, they decide on cremation because they believe that body burning frees them from all physical restraints.

Other reasons people opt for cremation are its practicality and cost-effectiveness. This committal method is cheaper and faster than a traditional burial. That’s why most funeral homes offer a variety of cremation plans for those who think in advance.

What Is a Direct Cremation Plan?

Direct cremation is a way for a no-fuss funeral. It includes cremation without any service, memorial, or family attendance. You can arrange all details in your cremation plan and pay all costs as a lump sum or several instalments.

Even though cremation plans don’t include a memorial, your family can arrange one regardless of the cremation date. However, it’s not a part of the cremation plan and will be an expense that your loved ones will bear if they decide to organize the last goodbye.

What Services Do Cremation Plans Include?

Funeral providers clearly state the services included in cremation plans. These are:

  • Collecting the deceased from the place of death
  • Transporting and preparing for cremation
  • Providing a coffin (urn is purchased separately)
  • Covering doctor or coroner’s fees
  • Disposing of ashes 

Direct funeral costs don’t include a memorial, but the family can pay for a short commemoration before cremation. The same goes for the urn delivery at the agreed time if the family wants to bury the deceased or scatter their ashes.

Benefits of Cremation Plans

People don’t like to think about death, but planning your funeral is recommended for several reasons. First, you can organize the last send-off the way you want and present your idea to your loved ones.

Also, a cremation plan can save your family from the costs of your death and funeral. Simply, you can pay for everything in advance, from transport to crematoria to the ashes disposal. 

Finally, getting a cremation plan is an excellent inflation hedge. Even if the prices change, you’ve ‘locked them in’ with this arrangement. Thus, your family won’t have to pay anything extra for the services included in your plan.

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To Sum Up

A cremation plan allows you to plan and cover the costs of your funeral, so your family will have one less worry after your death. Everything will be done fast and without publicity, and your loved ones will remember you the way you wanted.