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What Is Included in a Cremation Plan?

During the previous decades, more people have leaned towards cremating their deceased relatives instead of burying them. Cremation is more appealing since people feel closer to their loved ones by keeping their remains close instead of burying them in a cemetery far away from home.

Nevertheless, if you’re considering cremation, most funeral homes will offer you three cremation plans, all of which will be explained in this article.

Cremation With Funeral Service

This plan is what you’d expect a traditional funeral to be. It’s where the deceased is typically embalmed by a mortician and placed in an open casket in a religious facility, like a church or chapel. Then, the deceased’s friends and family take a final look at them, share a few good memories, and say their last goodbyes before taking the body to the crematorium.

This is the most expensive cremation plan since you have to rent a casket and a flower car or hearse, prepare the deceased’s body for viewing, rent a church for the ceremony, as well as pay for the cremation costs.

Direct Cremation

Due to the higher cost of a traditional funeral service, more people are choosing the simplest and cheapest form of cremation nowadays: direct cremation. This is where no ceremony or attendees are included.

During direct cremation, the family decides to cherish the happy memories they already have with their loved one, skips the funeral service altogether, and lets their direct funeral provider take care of everything.

Once you call the funeral home, they’ll send a vehicle to collect the deceased and take them directly to the crematorium. They’ll also take care of all the logistics and documentation for you. Then, a time and date are set for the cremation, after which, the ashes are sent back to the family.

Cremation With Memorial Service

If you want to reduce costs but still pay your respects to your family member, a memorial service cremation is a good option.

This plan still saves you some money by excluding the viewing ceremony. Therefore, you won’t rent a casket or hearse or pay for embalming.

However, you’ll be provided with a place where friends and family can attend and pay respects to the deceased.


The most expensive cremation plan, which comes with a funeral service, includes a ceremony where the body is present for viewing. However, a less costly option is the memorial service, where a ceremony is held after the cremation. And the cheapest option, the direct cremation; no ceremony is held, and the body is taken directly to the crematorium.