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What Is the Cheapest Cremation You Can Get?

There are three types of cremations that you can get in the UK: traditional, memorial, and direct. And seeing as each type varies in terms of cost, you might be wondering, what is the cheapest cremation you can get?

The cheapest cremation you can get is a direct cremation. According to the 2022 SunLife Cost of Dying report, it costs an average of £1,647 in the United Kingdom.

The cost is inclusive of the following:

  • Transportation of the deceased
  • Care and preparation of the deceased
  • Purchase of a basic coffin
  • Signing of medical certificates
  • Cremation process
  • Return of ashes to the deceased’s family

Read on to learn more about direct cremations and their proceedings.

What Is a Direct Cremation?

As the name implies, a direct cremation is one that doesn’t include a ceremony or funeral service. With this type, the cremation process takes place right away on a given date without any attendees.

After a direct cremation, the ashes of the cremated individual are either returned to the family of the deceased or scattered in the crematorium’s garden.

According to the above-mentioned SunLife report, about 18% of all funerals that took place in the UK in 2021 were direct cremations.

The report also indicates that each year, the percentage of people who opt for direct cremations over a traditional funeral is increasing.

This comes as no surprise considering direct cremation costs considerably less than a traditional funeral, since you don’t need to pay for things like minister fees, embalming, funeral notices, service sheets, and so forth.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Direct Cremations

The cost of direct cremations is influenced by quite a few factors, which include:

  • Location – Cremations in London cost a lot more than cremations in Yorkshire or the Humber, for instance. Currently, Northern Ireland is the most affordable place to die in the UK.
  • Place of Collection – Will the deceased person be collected from their home or from a nursing home?
  • Ashes – Will the ashes be returned/collected, or will they be scattered? If they’re to be scattered, will they be scattered in the crematorium’s garden or a different garden?

Coffin Size – The larger the coffin, the more it’s going to cost.

What Happens During a Direct Cremation?

Here’s what to expect before, during, and after a direction cremation:

  1. The body is collected and taken to a mortuary.
  2. The body is prepared and cared for until the cremation.
  3. The cremation takes place with only the staff present.
  4. The ashes are placed in a container.
  5. The ashes are either returned or scattered.

In Summary

The cheapest form of cremation you can get is a direct cremation. It doesn’t involve a ceremony or a memorial, just the cremation process.

On average, the cost of direct cremations in the UK is £1,647. Note, though, that the cost varies from one region to another.