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What Types of Funerals Are There?

In the past, most of the UK followed a traditional funeral with a church service before burial or cremation. Today, diverse beliefs and preferences resulted in multiple funeral formats.

What types of funerals are there? If you’re planning for your own or want to send off a loved one with a tailored service, here are different burial service ceremonies available in the UK.

Popular Types of Funerals in the UK

Here are the most common funeral services you’ll find.

1. Faith-Based Funerals

Faith-based funerals are held in places of worship and headed by a religious official. It’s the country’s most common type of funeral, given its spiritual diversity. Some even opt for a multi-faith funeral to cater to different beliefs during the service.

Newrest Funerals offers appropriate services for different faiths, including Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh.

2. Non-religious Funerals

Non-religious funerals perform ceremonies without identifying with any religion or spirituality. It can take on many formats, such as a burial or cremation with all the religious elements taken out or changed. Since it has no religious affiliations, this service is often led by a member of a humanist society.

3. Direct Burial or Cremation

Direct burials and cremations have become popular in the UK due to their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. These services involve burying or cremating the body without any ceremony or witnesses during burial or cremation.

It’s ideal for those who need a low-cost funeral option or prefers to celebrate the deceased’s life later.

4. Celebration of Life

A ‘celebration of life’ funeral aims to minimise the sadness of losing a loved one by looking back on the deceased’s life. This funeral can take days or weeks, depending on the family’s preference. It could also include dancing, food, and happy memories of the departed.

5. Burial at Sea

A burial at sea funeral involves burying the deceased’s body in the sea. It’s usually done to people who’ve served in the Navy, Coast Guard, or the Marines. However, anyone may also opt for this service. Note that UK law has designated places for this type of burial.

6. Eco-Friendly

An eco-friendly funeral uses green processes and elements to bury the departed. It includes using biodegradable coffins and burial shrouds to lessen their environmental impact. Some even use meadows and woodlands as natural burial sites. However, since cremation creates pollutants, this funeral only involves burials.

Find a Suitable Funeral Service at Newrest Funerals

Regardless of the type of funeral you plan, what matters is that you get the ceremony you want for yourself or your departed loved one. At Newrest Funeral, our team ensures you receive a quality funeral service according to your wishes. You can check out our list of recommended directors in Wiltshire for assistance in planning the perfect funeral.