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Experiencing the loss of a loved one is among the most challenging events we face in life. Amidst this emotional time, the mounting expenses of a traditional funeral, with an average cost of £4,800 in the UK, can add undue stress for families. At Newrest Funerals, our steadfast belief is that honouring a departed soul should not strain one’s finances. Standing firmly by the tenets of dignity, respect, and affordability, we proudly present our direct cremation services in Cheshire at an honest price of £895, free of concealed fees or upfront charges.

Direct Cremation in Cheshire

Direct Cremation in Cheshire

Direct Cremation in Cheshire

A direct cremation is a dignified and discreet method of saying goodbye, undertaken without an accompanying gathering of mourners. Performed at our selected regional crematoria, we ensure this service epitomises deep respect and esteem for the departed. Opting for this approach provides families the flexibility to organise intimate and touching memorial services at a later time, with many opting to incorporate the scattering or keeping of the ashes as a central ritual.

Starting Your Tailored Journey

Embarking on direct cremation in Cheshire is a seamless experience with our online platform. By answering a handful of questions, you receive an unambiguous, obligation-free quote. For those who seek a more personal interaction, our devoted team is just a call away at 0800 111 4971, ready to dispense expert guidance.

£895 All-encompassing Package

Our £895 package inclusively manages the collection of your loved one from any hospital or mortuary within England or Wales, facilitating their journey to our regional crematoria. For collections from private homes or care facilities, an additional charge of £250 ensures our team’s availability around the clock.

Dignified treatment is paramount at Newrest Funerals. We offer sustainably sourced wooden coffins, meticulously handcrafted by British artisans. We pledge transparency in our dealings, always informing you of the cremation’s date and time, allowing you the space to remember and pay respects as you see fit. After the ceremony, you can choose to scatter the ashes within our peaceful Garden of Remembrance, or opt for their return in an eco-friendly urn, complemented by a personalised engraved nameplate, available for a mere £91.


Personalised Memorial Services in Cheshire

While direct cremation omits the provision of a venue for gatherings, it bestows upon families the liberty to conceive a bespoke celebration of life ceremony at a later, suitable date. This flexibility ensures the memorial is tailored to the individual, be it set on a date with personal resonance or at a time when the weather is most conducive.

Value-driven, Honourable Departures

Choosing a direct cremation sidesteps many of the costly components of conventional funerals, such as venue hire, floral tributes, catering, and more. Our methodology prioritises the essentials, delivering a heartfelt, yet economical send-off.

Proceeding Further

If the principles of direct cremation align with your ideals or you’re curious to discover more, we invite you to liaise with our adept team on 0800 111 4971 or via [email protected].

Bereavement Support in Cheshire

During these difficult moments, rest assured you’re not navigating alone. Various bereavement services and institutions stand ready in Cheshire, poised to guide you through the subsequent essential steps.

Reaching Out to Us

Entrust your remembrance journey to Newrest Funerals. Please get in touch on 0800 111 4971; we are here to assist, every step of the way.