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In the challenging times following the loss of a cherished one, the mounting expenses linked to organising a traditional funeral, with the UK average being around £4,800, can feel overwhelming. At Newrest Funerals, we hold firm to the belief that memorialising a loved one’s journey should not bring added financial stress. Grounded in our core values of respect, dignity, and affordability, we’re proud to offer our direct cremation services in Merseyside at a forthright and affordable fee of £895, with a guarantee against hidden or unexpected costs.

Direct Cremation in Merseyside

Direct Cremation in Merseyside

Direct Cremation in Merseyside

Direct cremation services are a sincere and understated manner of bidding adieu, absent the conventional gathering of mourners. Held at our handpicked regional crematoria, our assurance is that each departed soul receives profound respect and honour. This alternative paves the way for families to later curate bespoke and impactful memorial events, often spotlighting the ceremonial act of scattering or safeguarding ashes.

Starting Your Personalised Path

Kickstarting the process for a direct cremation in Merseyside is seamless through our online interface. A concise questionnaire yields an immediate, commitment-free quote. For those who prefer a more human touch, our dedicated and compassionate team is but a call away at 0800 111 4971.

Our Comprehensive £895 Package

For a transparent sum of £895, our package provides the considerate collection of your loved one from any hospital or mortuary in England or Wales, ensuring their dignified transport to our regional crematoria. In cases where collections are needed from private residences or care establishments, a modest additional fee of £250 is applied, signifying our team’s round-the-clock readiness.

In alignment with Newrest Funerals’ commitment to eco-conscious choices, we supply sustainable wooden coffins, meticulously fashioned by esteemed British craftsmen. Honouring open dialogue, we keep you apprised about the cremation’s date and time, granting space for private reflection. Following the service, the ashes can be gracefully spread in our peaceful Garden of Remembrance or returned in a green urn, complemented with an engraved nameplate, available at a supplementary fee of £91.




Crafting Personal Memorial Events

Even though direct cremation omits the standard funeral venues, it accords families the opportunity to design and orchestrate poignant memorial celebrations at a time of their choosing, perhaps anchored to a date or season that holds sentimental value.

Budget-Conscious, Heartfelt Remembrances

Opting for direct cremation sidesteps the usual steep expenditures affiliated with traditional funeral preparations, like venue rentals, floral displays, and reception logistics. Our ethos is anchored in essentials, providing a deeply touching tribute without undue financial burden.

Advancing Forward

If the ethos of direct cremation aligns with your vision or if you require further elucidation, we cordially invite you to connect with our knowledgeable team. Engage with us at 0800 111 4971 or drop an email to [email protected].

Grief Support in Merseyside

In these emotionally intense moments, it’s heartening to know that Merseyside boasts a plethora of bereavement support networks, ready and equipped to provide guidance through the complexities of loss.

Connecting With Our Team

Newrest Funerals remains dedicated to being a beacon of support and assistance during these poignant transitions. Reach out to us at 0800 111 4971; we’re here to walk this path with you, every step of the way.