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Navigating the tender moments following the departure of a loved one can be made all the more challenging with the looming financial aspects of a conventional funeral, which hovers around an average of £4,800 in the UK. At Newrest Funerals, we firmly contend that memorialising a dear one’s life journey shouldn’t be mired in economic anxieties. Embracing values of respect, integrity, and affordability, we are privileged to provide our direct cremation services in Somerset for an upfront cost of £895, entirely free of hidden surcharges or unexpected expenditures.

Direct Cremation in Somerset

Direct Cremation in Somerset

Direct Cremation in Somerset

Direct cremation emerges as a subdued and private way to part with the departed, sans the customary assembly of mourners. Undertaken at our chosen regional crematoria, we assure every individual receives the respect and esteem they merit. This departure from age-old funeral traditions offers families the flexibility to curate heart-warming memorial services at a subsequent date, often pivoting around the poignant gesture of ash dispersal.

Commencing Your Customised Process

For those needing a  direct cremation in Somerset, our online portal simplifies matters. By completing a succinct survey, an immediate, obligation-free estimate is rendered. And for those who value the human connection during such sensitive times, our compassionate team is available at 0800 111 4971.

Our Comprehensive £895 Offering

The straightforward fee of £895 covers the attentive collection of your dearly departed from any hospital or mortuary within England or Wales, safeguarding their dignified conveyance to our regional crematoria. In scenarios where collections are necessitated from private homes or care centres, an additional amount of £250 is incurred, reflecting our team’s ceaseless dedication.

In alignment with Newrest Funerals’ sustainable principles, we supply eco-conscious wooden coffins, expertly crafted by distinguished British artisans. We uphold the virtue of clear communication, notifying you of the exact date and time of the cremation, allowing moments for solitary reflection. Following the ceremony, you can opt to disperse the ashes in our tranquil Garden of Remembrance or have them handed back in a green urn, complemented with an engraved nameplate, obtainable for a modest £91.




Designing Distinctive Memorials

While direct cremation omits the conventional funeral backdrop, it accords families the autonomy to sculpt and host evocative tributes in accordance with their desires, potentially synchronising with a significant date or climactic season.

Cost-Effective, Respectful Send-offs

Opting for direct cremation obviates the hefty expenses commonly tethered to traditional funerals, which can encompass venue arrangements, floral tributes, and beyond. Our focus is on the quintessential, delivering a sincere goodbye without the monetary burden.

Advancing Forward

Should the ethos of direct cremation resonate with your perspective or if clarity is what you seek, we wholeheartedly welcome your engagement with our proficient team. Establish contact at 0800 111 4971 or reach out to [email protected].

Bereavement Resources in Somerset

In these poignant phases, it’s comforting to recognise that Somerset is home to numerous bereavement support agencies, ready to assist and guide through the multifaceted journey of mourning.

Our Commitment to You

Newrest Funerals remains steadfast in its commitment to assist you during these pivotal life chapters. Reachable at 0800 111 4971, we stand prepared to help with heartfelt dedication.