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In the solemnity following a loved one’s passing, the financial aspects of a conventional funeral, averaging about £4,800 in the UK, can further augment emotional strain. At Newrest Funerals, we are steadfast in our belief that celebrating a life should not induce monetary worry. Anchored in the principles of respect, sincerity, and economic feasibility, we are proud to offer our direct cremation services in Suffolk at a clear-cut price of £895, exempt from hidden expenses or surprise costs.

Direct Cremation in Suffolk

Direct Cremation in Suffolk

Direct Cremation in Suffolk

Direct cremation provides a serene and intimate avenue to pay respects, sans the customary congregation of attendees. Executed at our chosen regional crematoria, we guarantee that every departed individual is treated with profound dignity and reverence. This divergence from the customary funeral processes allows families the liberty to later host deeply personal memorial gatherings, frequently culminating in the symbolic act of scattering or preserving the ashes.

Beginning Your Bespoke Journey

For residents looking to arrange a direct cremation in Suffolk, our intuitive online platform facilitates the procedure. By completing a short form, an immediate, obligation-free estimate is provided. Those preferring a direct conversation during such sensitive phases can contact our empathetic team at 0800 111 4971.

Our Comprehensive £895 Package

This straightforward fee of £895 ensures the meticulous collection of your beloved from any hospital or mortuary across England or Wales, followed by a dignified transfer to our regional crematoria. For pick-ups from private dwellings or hospice facilities, an additional charge of £250 is applied, marking our team’s round-the-clock commitment.

Aligning with Newrest Funerals’ dedication to eco-friendly practices, we supply sustainable wooden coffins, exquisitely fashioned by renowned British artisans. Transparency being pivotal, we inform families of the cremation’s scheduled date and time, granting moments of individual reflection. Subsequent to the cremation, the option is given to spread the ashes in our serene Garden of Remembrance or to retrieve them in an environment-friendly urn, accentuated with an engraved nameplate, available for a supplementary fee of £91.




Orchestrating Personal Memorial Events

Although direct cremation sidesteps the customary funeral setup, it bestows upon families the latitude to conceive and conduct poignant tribute ceremonies at a time and place reflective of their wishes.

Affordable and Respectful Commemorations

Embracing direct cremation sidesteps the substantial expenses frequently tied to age-old funeral rites, which can encompass venue charges, floral decor, and more. Our approach distills the process to its essence, ensuring an honorable farewell sans considerable fiscal burdens.

More Information and Guidance

Should you find resonance with direct cremation or seek further clarity, our adept team awaits your outreach. You can connect with us at 0800 111 4971 or forward queries to [email protected].

Bereavement Assistance in Suffolk

During such contemplative periods, it’s heartening to know that Suffolk hosts an array of bereavement support networks, poised to aid families through their journey of grief.

Standing By Your Side

At Newrest Funerals, our unyielding commitment is to accompany you through these profound moments. Always accessible at 0800 111 4971, we are prepared to assist with compassion and dedication.