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In the aftermath of a loved one’s departure, the high costs associated with traditional funerals can add an extra layer of stress to an already challenging situation. The average funeral expenditure in the UK hovers around £4,800. At Newrest Funerals, we’re grounded in the belief that remembering a dear one shouldn’t be synonymous with financial hardship. With an unwavering commitment to transparency, respect, and affordability, we’re proud to present our direct cremation services in Yorkshire at a straightforward fee of £895, free from hidden expenses or surprise additions.

Direct Cremation in Yorkshire

Direct Cremation in Yorkshire

Direct Cremation in Yorkshire

Direct cremation offers a refined and uncomplicated way of parting with your loved ones, eliminating the presence of mourners. Executed at our select regional crematoria, we ensure each ceremony embodies the highest level of honour and care. By sidestepping traditional funeral ceremonies, families have the latitude to later plan a heartfelt and individual memorial service, which may culminate in the scattering or safekeeping of ashes.

Initiating Your Customised Path

To embark on arranging a direct cremation in Yorkshire, we’ve set up an intuitive online platform. Here, by answering a series of questions, you can swiftly receive a clear, commitment-free quote. If you’re more inclined towards a personal conversation, our understanding team is always reachable at 0800 111 4971.

Thorough £895 Package

Our detailed package, priced at £895, encompasses the dignified collection of the departed from any hospital or mortuary within England or Wales. This ensures their mindful transfer to our regional crematoria. For collections from private homes or care establishments, an added fee of £250 is applicable, reinforcing the 24/7 availability of our dedicated personnel.

Environmental consciousness is paramount at Newrest Funerals. We provide sustainable wooden coffins, expertly handcrafted by esteemed British artisans. Keeping lines of communication open, we notify families about the precise date and time of the cremation, giving room for solitary reflection. Once the cremation concludes, you can opt to scatter the ashes in our peaceful Garden of Remembrance or retrieve them in an environmentally sensitive urn with a personalised engraved nameplate, available for a minor charge of £91.




Carving Out Unique Memorial Services

Though direct cremation eschews conventional funeral facets, it allows families the autonomy to craft a one-of-a-kind memorial celebration whenever they see fit.

Sensible Pricing, Respectful Farewells

Electing direct cremation avoids the sizable expenditures typically associated with customary funeral services. Our approach focuses squarely on the essentials, delivering a revered yet economically sound goodbye.

Keen to Delve Deeper?

If the principles of direct cremation chime with your sentiments or if you’re curious to know more, our seasoned experts await your call. You can connect with them at 0800 111 4971 or send an email to [email protected].

Support Through Grief in Yorkshire

During these emotionally challenging phases, it’s comforting to know that Yorkshire is home to several bereavement support centres, ever-ready to assist and guide.

Our Pledge to You

Newrest Funerals remains steadfast in its mission: to provide unwavering support during these poignant moments. Always accessible at 0800 111 4971, we’re alongside you every step of the way.