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How Much Does a Funeral Cost 2023 UK?

Over the years, it has become quite expensive to die. The culture of sending off friends and family has remained the same, but now, it has come to cost frightening amounts. So, how much does it cost to lay your loved one to rest in 2023?

Although the cost of funerals seems to have risen lately, it has actually decreased for the first time in the past 18 years. It has only gone down by less than 5 per cent, but a decrease is a decrease nonetheless. In 2023, the average cost for a funeral in the UK is 4,056 pounds. The price can go up or down depending on what type of service you choose. Direct Cremation Plans, which are becoming increasingly popular, can also be more affordable than traditional funeral services.

A Breakdown of Funeral Costs

Although funerals are slightly cheaper this year, they are still very expensive. Enough to make you wonder just where all of that money is going. As such, here is a breakdown of the costs:

  • Basic funeral costs with a funeral director – an average of 4,056 pounds
  • Additional expenses – over 2,000 pounds

What do the Basic Funeral Costs Cover?

When you pay the basic funeral costs, you pay for the following:

  • Collection of the deceased body
  • The coffin and hearse
  • Care and preparation for the body
  • Administration of funeral
  • The viewing
  • Funeral cars for family
  • Services
  • Support for the family
  • Minister and Doctor’s fees

What do the Additional Expenses Cover?

When you pay additional expenses, you’re paying for extra things to personalize the service, such as:

  • The memorial
  • Limousines
  • The venue
  • The catering
  • Order of service
  • Flowers
  • Notices of death

You may also need to pay for a professional to administrate the estate of the deceased.

Regional Funeral Costs in the UK

As with other things, funeral costs differ across the UK. Places like London, which are more expensive to live in, are also more expensive to have funerals in. North Ireland is the cheapest place to die, however. 

  • London – 5,358 pounds
  • East and South East England – 4825 pounds
  • Yorkshire and Humber – 4302 pounds
  • East and West Midlands – 3942 pounds
  • North East England – 3915 pounds
  • South West England – 3907 pounds
  • North West England – 3840
  • Scotland – 3872 pounds
  • Wales – 3540 pounds
  • Northern Ireland – 3056 pounds

Affordable Funerals at Newrest Funerals

At Newrest, we are committed to providing affordable funeral plans for our clients. We understand that laying a loved one to rest can be costly, and we don’t want our clients to have to break the bank. That is why we offer monthly payment plans to spread out the costs for our clients.