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How do you Pay for a Funeral When you Have no Money?

Funerals can be pretty expensive. Sometimes, a departed loved one has already paid for the funeral or left money to finance it. Otherwise, relatives or friends usually fund the funeral.

However, how do you pay for a funeral when you have no money? Learn about the different ways you can pay for the service.

Ways to Get Help With Funeral Costs

Try these options to help pay for a funeral.

1. Public Health Funeral

The UK’s Public Health Act 1984 states that the local council can cover funeral costs if:

  • The deceased’s estate can’t pay for the entire expenses.
  • No relatives or friends can arrange the funeral.

The local council will cremate the body and hold a short service at a specific date and time.

2. Funeral Expenses Payment

The Funeral Expenses Payment provides financial help if you can’t pay for the funeral costs.

You’re eligible for this financial assistance if you meet all of these requirements:

Note that this assistance can’t cover the whole bill, and you might need to repay them from the deceased’s estate.

3. Children’s Funeral Fund

In the unfortunate event that the deceased is a child, you can receive financial assistance depending on your location.

For example, the Children’s Funeral Fund in England pays up to £300. Meanwhile, the Welsh Government contributes up to £500 for a child’s funeral.

Check if your country offers funeral assistance for children.

4. Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance, sometimes called an over-50s plan, provides a fixed lump sum that can cover burial costs. If the deceased has this insurance, the beneficiary may claim it. If the deceased also has life insurance, you can use it to pay for funeral expenses.

5. The Deceased’s Bank Account

If the departed left money in their account, you could access it with the help of the estate’s executor or administrator. Prepare a death certificate, invoice for the funeral costs, and proof of your identity for the bank’s verification.

6. Estate Funds

If someone can cover the funeral soon, you can later reimburse them from the deceased’s estate. However, confirm the exact amount available to you with the estate administrator first.

7. Instalment Plans

Most funeral directors ask for some up-front payment. If you can’t provide one, ask to pay in installments (lear about our pre-paid funeral plan types).

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