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What Is the Cheapest Funeral Possible?

Planning a funeral service isn’t cheap. However, there are ways to cut costs and still prepare a decent burial or cremation service.

So, what is the cheapest funeral possible? It depends on several factors and your preferences. Let’s break down the costs for a funeral and learn how to plan a budget-friendly service for your departed loved one.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

SunLife’s 2021 report states that the cost of dying in the UK is an average of £8,864. It includes the funeral service, professional fees, and additional charges like a wake. Meanwhile, getting a basic funeral costs around £4,056.

The fee could be lower depending on the funeral service you’ll prepare. According to the report, a direct cremation costs an average of £1,647.

Rates also depend on your location. For example, the cheapest place to die in the UK is Northern Ireland at £3,056 on average, while the most expensive area for a funeral is London at around £5,358.

Understanding Funeral Fees

What makes funeral costs expensive? The expenses can be categorised as basic and additional costs.

A basic funeral cost includes:

  • Funeral director’s fees
  • Burial or cremation fees
  • Clergy fees
  • Doctor’s fees

Meanwhile, additional costs include extras such as:

  • Memorial
  • Venue
  • Hearse
  • Catering
  • Flowers
  • Death notice
  • Order sheets
  • Music

Ultimately, funeral costs are more expensive if you add extras or choose a premium service.

How to Have a Cheap Funeral

Here are some ways to reduce your funeral costs.

1. Choose a Low-Cost Funeral Provider

Start with finding a funeral provider with affordable packages. When comparing funeral homes, ask for a price list with the inclusions and costs to help you weigh options. Then, choose the provider within your budget without sacrificing quality.

2. Opt for the Cheapest Funeral Service

Among the types of funeral services, choose the cheapest you can afford. For example, direct cremations remain the most cost-effective option for their simplicity.

3. Remove Additional Costs

If you don’t mind a simple ceremony, you can remove unnecessary additional costs, like the hearse or music. Also, try DIY alternatives, such as picking flowers from your garden instead of hiring a florist.

4. Plan a DIY Funeral

Some arrange a DIY funeral, where family and friends organise all the elements. It reduces costs significantly, but hiring a professional is recommended to prepare your loved one’s body.

What Is the Cheapest Funeral at Newrest Funerals?

Newrest Funerals offers various plans for different needs and budgets. Our cheapest funeral service is an unattended burial at £550. However, if you prefer something else, our compassionate team can help you plan a cost-effective service for your deceased loved one.