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When a loved one is cremated, the question of what to do with their ashes can be a difficult one to answer. While some families choose to scatter them in a meaningful location or keep them in an urn at home, others may want to explore alternative options for memorialization.

If you find yourself unsure of what to do with your loved one’s cremation ashes, this article will provide insights and ideas that may help you make a decision.

At Funeral Service UK, we understand the importance of honoring the memory of those we have lost. Whether through traditional burial or cremation, it’s essential to create meaningful ways to remember and celebrate their lives.

In this article, we’ll explore various options for what you can do with cremation ashes, including unique keepsakes or memorial jewelry, scattering in particular locations or even transforming them into beautiful artwork.

We hope that by reading this guide, you’ll find inspiration for creating a lasting and meaningful tribute to your loved one.

Traditional Options For Cremation Ashes

When it comes to handling cremation ashes, traditional options include placing them in a cremation urn or choosing from various burial options.

Cremation urns come in different materials like wood, metal, and ceramic, and can be personalized to reflect your loved one’s personality. They can also be kept at home or interred in a cemetery or columbarium.

Burial options for cremation ashes include scattering them in a meaningful location or burying them in a cemetery plot. Some cemeteries have designated areas for cremated remains and offer different memorialization options like benches, plaques, and headstones.

It’s important to check local regulations when deciding on burial options for cremation ashes. These traditional choices provide families with tangible ways to honor their loved one’s memory with dignity and respect.

As an alternative option, some people choose unique keepsakes or memorial jewelry to keep their loved ones close.

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Unique Keepsakes And Memorial Jewelry

As the saying goes, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. But what if those ashes could be transformed into something beautiful and meaningful? That’s where unique keepsakes and memorial jewelry come in.

These items provide a tangible way to honor and remember your loved one who has passed away. One option for keeping your loved one close is customized urns. These urns can be personalized with engravings, photos, or even hand-painted designs to reflect the personality and interests of the person who has passed away.

They are a beautiful and tasteful way to display cremation ashes in your home, allowing you to feel close to your loved one every day. Another option is personalized pendants, which can hold a small amount of ashes and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. These pendants can also be engraved or designed in a way that is unique to your loved one, providing a comforting reminder of their presence.

Scattering In Meaningful Locations

Scattering the ashes of a loved one in a location that held special meaning to them can be a beautiful and meaningful way to honour their memory.

One popular option is scattering the ashes at sea, which allows the remains to return to nature while providing a peaceful and serene final resting place. Many companies offer boat trips for scattering ashes at sea, allowing families to say goodbye in a unique and memorable way.

Another option for those looking to create a lasting tribute is planting a memorial tree. This allows the cremation ashes to be transformed into new life, providing an ongoing reminder of the person who has passed away.

Memorial trees can be planted in gardens or public spaces with permission, and dedicated plaques or markers can be added as a permanent reminder of your loved one’s life and legacy.

As you consider how best to honour the memory of your loved one, transforming their ashes into artwork may also be an option worth exploring.

Transforming Ashes Into Artwork

After scattering ashes in meaningful locations, another option for what to do with cremation ashes is to transform them into artwork. This can create a beautiful and unique way to remember a loved one.

One popular way of doing this is through cremation ash tattoos. These tattoos incorporate a small amount of the loved one’s ashes into the ink, making it a deeply personal and meaningful tribute.

Another artistic option is glass blowing with ashes. This process involves incorporating the ashes into blown glass pieces such as vases, paperweights or jewelry. The resulting artwork is stunning and can serve as a beautiful reminder of your loved one that can be displayed in your home or worn close to your heart.

When making a decision about what to do with cremation ashes, there are several factors to consider. It is important to think about what would best honor the wishes of your loved one and what would bring you and your family comfort during this difficult time.

Additionally, consider the practicality of each option and whether it aligns with any religious or cultural beliefs. Whatever you decide, know that there are many options available to create a lasting tribute for your loved one.

Making A Decision: Factors To Consider

Deciding what to do with direct cremation ashes can be a difficult decision, especially since it’s often tied to emotional attachment. It’s important to take some time to think about what you want and consider all of your options before making a final decision.

Some factors to consider are the environmental impact of different choices, as well as any personal beliefs or preferences.

One option is scattering ashes in a meaningful location, such as a favourite park or beach. This option has minimal environmental impact and allows for a personal connection between the deceased and their chosen location.

Another option is placing ashes in an urn or keepsake that can be displayed in the home or shared among family members. While this choice may have sentimental value, it does create more waste and has a larger environmental impact than scattering the ashes.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on what feels right for you and your loved one who has passed away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Legally Scatter Ashes In Any Location I Choose?

Wondering if you can legally scatter ashes in any location of your choosing? Unfortunately, legal restrictions apply when it comes to scattering cremation ashes.

In the United Kingdom, scattering ashes on private property requires the permission of the landowner. Scattering ashes on public land is also subject to regulations and permits, with some areas prohibiting it altogether due to environmental impact concerns.

It’s crucial to consider these restrictions before making any decisions regarding the disposal of cremation ashes.

At our Funeral Service website, we provide helpful resources and guidance to ensure that you make informed choices during this difficult time.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Keeping Cremation Ashes At Home?

It is important to consider the potential health risks associated with keeping cremation ashes at home.

While it may be comforting to have your loved one’s remains close by, their ashes can produce harmful dust particles that pose a risk to respiratory health.

Additionally, there is an environmental impact to consider as well.

Alternative options such as scattering or burial in a designated area can provide a respectful and safe final resting place for your loved one’s remains while also minimizing negative impacts on both human and environmental health.

As a Funeral Service website catering to users in the United Kingdom, we recommend seeking guidance from professionals who specialize in handling cremation ashes and exploring alternative options for a peaceful final farewell.

Can Multiple Family Members Share The Same Urn Or Memorial Jewelry Piece?

As the saying goes, ‘sharing is caring,’ and this can also apply to sharing urns or memorial jewelry pieces among multiple family members.

It’s not uncommon for families to want to keep their loved ones close after cremation, and one way to do that is by sharing a special keepsake.

Sharing an urn or piece of memorial jewelry can bring comfort and a sense of unity among family members during the grieving process.

However, it’s important to discuss and agree upon this decision as a family beforehand.

Funeral services in the United Kingdom offer various options for sharing urns and memorial jewelry, so it’s worth exploring these possibilities with your funeral director.

Is It Possible To Incorporate Cremation Ashes Into A Tattoo?

Looking for a unique way to memorialize your loved one? Consider tattoo incorporation.

Incorporating cremation ashes into tattoo ink is becoming increasingly popular, with many artists offering this service as a way to create a permanent tribute.

Memorial art is a beautiful way to honor and remember your loved one, and incorporating their ashes into a tattoo can provide comfort knowing that they will always be with you.

It’s important to research reputable tattoo artists who specialize in this type of work and ensure proper handling and sterilization of the ashes.

At Funeral Service, we understand how important it is to find meaningful ways to keep memories alive, and we encourage you to explore all options when considering memorial art.

Are There Any Cultural Or Religious Considerations To Keep In Mind When Deciding What To Do With Cremation Ashes?

When it comes to deciding what to do with a loved one’s cremation ashes, cultural sensitivity and religious customs must be taken into consideration.

Different cultures and religions have varying beliefs and traditions regarding the handling of ashes.

For example, in Hinduism, it is customary to scatter the ashes in a sacred body of water or immerse them in the Ganges River.

In Christianity, some may choose to bury the ashes in a cemetery or inter them in a mausoleum.

It is important to research and respect these customs when making decisions about how to handle cremation ashes.


In conclusion, there are many options available when deciding what to do with cremation ashes. While legally you can scatter ashes in most locations, it’s important to consider any potential health risks and obtain permission from the landowner.

Sharing an urn or memorial jewelry piece among family members is also a common practice. For those looking for a unique way to honor their loved one, incorporating cremation ashes into a tattoo is possible. However, it’s important to research reputable artists who have experience with this process.

Lastly, cultural and religious considerations should always be taken into account when deciding on a final resting place for cremation ashes.

At ABC Funeral Services UK, we understand that the loss of a loved one can be a difficult time. We offer support and guidance throughout the entire funeral planning process, including advice on what to do with eco cremation ashes. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you make informed decisions that honor your loved one’s memory in the best possible way. Contact us today to learn more about our services.