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10 Options for Simple, Low-Cost Funerals

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the financial stress of high funeral costs. At Newrest Funerals, we understand the need for affordable and meaningful memorial options. Here are 10 ways we can help lower your funeral expenses without sacrificing dignity and respect:

Low cost funerals

Low cost funerals

1. Simple Coffin Options for Affordable Funerals

Elaborate, expensive coffins quickly drive up costs. Newrest offers a selection of lower-cost coffins made of wood, cardboard or other materials that meet cremation and burial requirements at a fraction of the price of high-end caskets. Simple coffins help families honour the deceased with dignity and affordability.

2. Limited Viewing for Low Cost Funerals

Full multi-day viewings are often unnecessary for grieving families. Our affordable viewing packages provide a brief time for immediate family to say goodbye without unnecessary added costs. Limited viewings early in the day reduce funeral home rental and staffing fees.

3. Smaller Venues for Simple Funerals

Large funeral venue rentals are a major expense. Our network includes affordable ceremony locations such as small chapels, churches and community spaces to accommodate intimate groups at lower cost. We help families find the right affordable venue to suit their needs.

4. Basic Transportation for Affordable Funerals

Ornate, luxurious funeral coaches are impressive but drive up the bottom line. Our fleet includes basic funeral vehicles that provide dignified, appropriate transportation at much more reasonable rates. Simple funeral cars help control costs.

5. Customized Services for Low Cost Funerals

Newrest understands every family is different. We provide customized, affordable options like choosing direct cremation first followed by a memorial service. Or a formal viewing without an expensive casket. Our flexible services allow you to tailor arrangements to your needs and budget.

6. Simple Stationery for Affordable Funerals

From basic memorial cards to keepsake programs, our affordable, tasteful stationary packages help remembering your loved one without frills. Our funeral directors provide samples to choose cost-effective options you love.

7. Discounted Packages for Low Cost Funerals

Bundled funeral packages offer significant savings over pricing services individually. Our most affordable package options bundle transportation, essential staffing, low-cost coffin and direct cremation starting under £1,000. Basic packages provide dignity without the unnecessary upcharges.

8. Morning Funeral Slots for Simple Funerals

Scheduling an affordable funeral service in the morning or early afternoon reduces the funeral home’s time and staffing requirements for that day. Early start times allow us to offer discounted rates to families that don’t require a full day.

9. Limit Extra Services for Low Cost Funerals

Additional services like catering, flowers and elaborate announcements add up quickly. Our staff will guide you through only the essentials for a respectful service. Limiting unnecessary extras provides an affordable experience.

10. Simple Memorial Options After Direct Cremation

For those choosing direct cremation, we offer many ways to honour your loved one that don’t require a costly service. Simple scatterings, memorial trees and online tributes provide meaningful options.

With creativity and flexibility, Newrest Funerals provides memorial services that are both dignified and affordable during difficult times. Our caring staff will listen to your needs and guide you through low-cost funeral options to honour your loved one within your budget. Please reach out for personalized guidance on planning an affordable funeral.