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The inexorable march of time has brought about a multitude of advancements, allowing us to traverse both terrestrial and celestial realms. As we explore the limitless expanse of the cosmos, our collective fascination with the unknown extends even to our final resting place. At Newrest Funerals, we understand the profundity of such desires, and as an innovative online funeral director, we specialise in direct cremations, direct burials, traditional funerals, and eco-friendly funerals, amongst other services. Our expertise and knowledge grant us the privilege of answering the question that beckons: Can I have my ashes sent to space after cremation?

Celestial Farewells – A Journey to the Stars

The advent of commercial space travel has birthed an extraordinary possibility for those seeking an unconventional and poignant memorial – the celestial farewell. This unique offering has garnered significant attention in recent times, as more and more individuals embrace the idea of merging the eternal with the ephemeral.

A celestial farewell allows the cremated remains of a loved one to embark on a sublime voyage through the cosmos, transcending conventional boundaries and transforming the notion of a final resting place.

Numerous commercial space travel and payload companies have emerged to facilitate this remarkable service, enabling families to honour their loved ones with a celestial journey. These space-bound memorials come in a variety of forms to suit individual preferences, including suborbital flights that ultimately return your ashes to Earth, lunar landings that establish a permanent memorial on the moon’s surface, and deep space missions that send ashes into the boundless expanse of the universe.

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What Is The Process?

The meticulous process involves placing a small portion of cremated remains into a specially designed, hermetically sealed capsule, which is then incorporated into the payload of a commercial space launch vehicle. Upon reaching its designated altitude or celestial destination, the capsule either remains on board the spacecraft or is released, depending on the chosen memorial service.

This extraordinary celestial rite of passage has captured the imagination of many, including celebrated personalities from various fields. The notion of ashes traversing the cosmos serves as a powerful symbol of mankind’s eternal quest for knowledge and discovery, a testament to our indomitable spirit, and a fitting tribute to those who have left us but whose memories we hold dear.

By choosing a celestial farewell for yourself or a loved one, you are partaking in a profound and unforgettable tribute, creating an everlasting connection between the mysteries of the universe and the enduring human spirit.

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