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Here at Newrest Funerals, we understand that arranging the funeral of a recently departed loved one can be emotionally draining even when you already knew that the person concerned was likely to pass on. That said, being mentally prepared for the death of a loved one doesn’t necessarily mean it becomes easier to handle grief or deal with the subsequent funeral arrangements. We also know that planning a funeral following an unexpected death can be even more traumatic. Not only do you often have to get over – at least, in part – the shock of the loss but you will sometimes also have little idea about what type of funeral to arrange.

Of course, unexpected deaths happen all the time. Sometimes, people sadly take their own lives or suffer from a short illness that leads to a premature death. There again, someone in your family might have been involved in a fatal accident or even worse and, perhaps, died under suspicious circumstances that are being investigated by the police or that may require a coroner’s inquiry. Under these circumstances, you may well feel so overwhelmed by events that you haven’t even begun to sense the bereavement of the loss yet. 

At Newrest Funerals, we are here to provide clear-cut advice that will take into account all of the circumstances surrounding an unexpected death. We offer our professional experience as funeral advisors who have dealt with almost every kind of family loss imaginable including suicide, fatal road traffic accidents, misadventure and even the death of children.

Therefore, no matter how difficult it may be for you to even think about coming to terms with the unexpected death of someone who was close to you, we are on hand. We can help you to choose suitable funeral directors, select a funeral venue, procure an appropriate coffin and even arrange a wake among other things. In other words, we are here to support you with all of the practical sides of planning a funeral. Just tell us what is most important to you and we’ll do the work of finding suitable service providers so you can make an informed choice without having to immediately focus on the practicalities.

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Please bear in mind that, here at Newrest Funerals, our service goes far beyond dealing with the nuts and bolts of funerals, so to speak. We are also a compassionate and close-knit team who can offer you support during what is likely to be one of the most traumatic periods of your life. Perhaps you don’t know how to go about getting a death certificate or have no prior experience in dealing with coroner’s offices, for example? Maybe you need assistance with having the body recovered from a hospital or police morgue? We have all of the relevant experience and can make your life that little bit easier even when things may seem very bleak indeed.

Please note that we offer services throughout the UK and we have dealt with similar circumstances to the ones you may be facing today before. As such, we’d encourage you to call for our impartial and independent funeral advice no matter how unexpected the death of your loved one may have been.