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Is it a good idea to talk to a loved one about your final wishes and the type of funeral service you would like before the time comes? Generally speaking, here at Newrest Funerals, we would say that yes it is worth having these conversations while you can. If you fall ill or die unexpectedly, then you won’t necessarily get the chance. On the other hand, we know that this can be a somewhat tricky subject to bring up. The person you want to talk to might be upset at the prospect of you dying. There again, they may not approve of the type of funeral plan you have in mind which could potentially lead to distress.

At Newrest Funerals, we know that talking tends to be the best option but it isn’t for everyone. Some families just don’t want to go there while others might be estranged and will only come back together following the death of a loved one. In other words, everyone’s circumstances and personal experiences are different. 

So, although we would encourage you to have these sometimes difficult conversations with your children, partner or wider family members, we also understand that this isn’t always possible. If so, you might consider giving the general wish you’d like to see played out when the time comes, rather than focussing on the details. For example, if your family knows you want to be buried and not cremated at the very least, then this will give them a starting point to work on when you pass on.

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Of course, if you really don’t mind that much about what type of funeral service is arranged for you when you die, then the importance of talking to loved ones isn’t so great. As long as they have a general idea, this can be enough. However, if you have specific preferences, then this is when having conversations while you can will often take on a greater significance. There is an alternative, however.

In the end, you might feel that you want to express your final wishes with someone outside of your friendship or family circle. If so, then, as expert funeral professionals, we are here to help you. In other words, you can make your funeral plans with us and we will note down all of the elements you would like to be included – such as whether you want an eco-burial or a sea burial, for example – as well as the things you want to be left out. For instance, some people say they definitely want no flowers and would prefer donations to a charity instead.

We can help you to make an informed decision about every aspect of your funeral plan. Once you’ve settled on what you really want, the plan can be written down and be ready to roll out when you eventually pass on. This way, your family will know what you want in every aspect. Of course, you can leave some room for interpretation if you want or even come back to us for guidance on altering your arrangements. Put simply, we are here to help whether you want assistance talking to your loved ones or would just like guidance on all of the options available with funerals today.