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When dealing with the loss of a loved one, the added burden of traditional funeral expenses, which hover around £4,800 on average in the UK, can be daunting. Newrest Funerals staunchly believes that paying tribute to a departed soul shouldn’t come at a high financial price. Guided by the pillars of respect, dignity, and affordability, we proudly offer our direct cremation services in Cumbria for a transparent fee of £895, absent any hidden costs or initial charges.

Direct Cremation in Cumbria

Direct Cremation in Cumbria

Direct Cremation in Cumbria

Direct cremation stands as a sincere and intimate way of parting, conducted without an audience of mourners. Administered at our chosen regional crematoria, this service prioritises absolute respect and care for the departed. This approach offers families the elasticity to later curate private and touching memorial services, often featuring the dispersion or safeguarding of the ashes as a central ritual.

Your Personalised Path Begins Here

The journey towards arranging a direct cremation in Cumbria is made user-friendly via our online interface. Simply provide answers to a set of questions, and you’re presented with an unambiguous, no-strings-attached quote. For those desiring a direct dialogue, our dedicated team is available at 0800 111 4971, eager to dispense experienced advice.

All-inclusive £895 Package

Our exhaustive package, set at £895, takes care of retrieving your loved one from any hospital or mortuary across England or Wales, arranging for their respectful transit to our regional crematoria. In circumstances demanding pick-ups from private abodes or care establishments, an extra fee of £250 is applicable, guaranteeing our team’s perpetual readiness.

At Newrest Funerals, the focus is on reverent care. We source environmentally-friendly wooden coffins, expertly fashioned by British craftsmen. Upholding a clear communication ethic, we ensure you’re made aware of the cremation’s timing, allowing for private moments of remembrance. Post-cremation, ashes can be dispersed in our serene Garden of Remembrance or handed back in an eco-attuned urn adorned with a bespoke nameplate, available at a modest £91.


Designing Distinctive Memorial Services in Cumbria

Though our direct cremation package in Cumbria doesn’t encompass venue facilitation, it empowers families with the autonomy to conceive a unique commemoration of life at a fitting subsequent date, be it dictated by personal resonance or seasonal considerations.

Economical, Yet Respectful Farewells

Choosing a direct cremation model averts the customary high expenditures tied with traditional funeral rituals, such as venue reservations, floral displays, and refreshments. Our ethos zeroes in on the quintessentials, ensuring a poignant yet economical adieu.

Proceeding Ahead

Should the ethos of direct cremation mirror your sentiments or if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge, we beckon you to establish a connection with our adept team at 0800 111 4971 or through [email protected].

Guidance Through Bereavement in Cumbria

Amid these emotionally taxing intervals, it’s comforting to know you’re not isolated. A myriad of bereavement support systems and institutions in Cumbria are on standby, prepped to assist you in the subsequent steps of this journey.

Establishing Contact

For Newrest Funerals, your commemorative journey is sacrosanct. Dial 0800 111 4971 to find us at your side, committed to guiding you every step of the way.