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Amidst the sorrow of losing a cherished one, families are often confronted with the significant financial pressures that come with organising a conventional funeral. With average funeral costs in the UK reaching approximately £4,800, this added financial strain can be burdensome. At Newrest Funerals, we stand by the conviction that memorialising a dear one shouldn’t be encumbered by financial concerns. With our foundational values of respect, dignity, and affordability, we are proud to offer our direct cremation services in Kent at a clear and transparent price of £895, free of any concealed or unexpected charges.

Direct Cremation in Kent

Direct Cremation in Kent

Direct Cremation in Kent

Direct cremation is a humble yet wholly dignified method of parting, conducted without the traditional assembly of mourners. Carried out at our specifically chosen regional crematoria, our services ensure that each individual is accorded the deepest respect and consideration. This provision empowers families to later curate their own unique memorial gatherings, potentially centring on the meaningful act of ash dispersal or preservation.

Embarking on Your Customised Journey

To commence the process of organising a direct cremation in Kent, our online platform provides a straightforward approach. Answering a few prompts leads to a clear, no-obligation quotation. If you favour direct communication, our dedicated professionals are readily available at 0800 111 4971 to provide guidance and support.

All-Inclusive £895 Package

Our inclusive offering, priced at £895, guarantees the gentle collection of your loved one from any hospital or mortuary in England or Wales, assuring their respectful transition to our regional crematoria. For collections from personal residences or care homes, an added fee of £250 is required, signifying our team’s commitment to 24/7 availability.

Echoing our commitment to environmental stewardship, Newrest Funerals offers biodegradable wooden coffins, diligently crafted by renowned British artisans. We keep the channels of communication open, notifying you of the scheduled cremation time and date, allowing for personal moments of reflection. Post cremation, the ashes can be peacefully scattered in our tranquil Garden of Remembrance or returned to you in an ecologically considerate urn, accompanied by an engraved nameplate, for an additional cost of £91.




Designing Personalised Memorial Gatherings

While our direct cremation service doesn’t encompass traditional venue offerings, it grants families the flexibility to craft a distinct memorial event at a subsequent time, perhaps correlating with a date of personal import or a chosen season.

Prudent, Yet Meaningful Commemorations

Opting for direct cremation allows families to bypass the substantial costs commonly tied to traditional funeral ceremonies, which often include venue bookings, floral arrangements, and catering. Our focus remains steadfastly on the essentials, assuring a poignant yet economical tribute.

Moving Ahead

If the tenets of direct cremation align with your preferences or should further questions arise, we invite you to engage with our knowledgeable team. Connect with us at 0800 111 4971 or write to us at [email protected].

Experiencing Grief in Kent

In these emotionally charged moments, it’s comforting to recognise that Kent is home to a plethora of bereavement support services, ready to assist in navigating your emotional journey.

Reaching Out to Us

Newrest Funerals remains resolutely dedicated to supporting you during these profound chapters of life. Reach out to us at 0800 111 4971; we’re committed to your well-being during these pivotal times.